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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1072 playlist up with 45997 songs played going back to 1996-09-02


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1. 2018-10-08Pig DestroyerSnuff Film at ElevenProwler in the YardRelapse Records
2. 2018-09-24Pig DestroyerArmy of CopsHead CageRelapse Records
3. 2018-09-17PIG DESTROYERDeny Everything (Circle Jerks Cover)‘Blind, Deaf and Bleeding’ EPRelapse Records
4. 2018-08-27Pig DestroyerConcrete BeastHead CageRelapse Records
5. 2018-08-06PIG DESTROYEREveBook Burner (ADD 10/15)Relapse Records
6. 2018-03-19PIG DESTROYERDepression (Black Flag Cover)Blind, Deaf and BleedingRelapse Records
7. 2017-12-18Pig DestroyerAlexandriaPhantom LimbRelapse Records
8. 2017-09-18Pig DestroyerTickets to the Car CrashProwler in the YardRelapse Records
9. 2017-09-04Pig DestroyerBlack CentipedeBenumb/Pig DestroyerRobotic Empire
10. 2017-07-24Pig DestroyerTask MasterBenumb/Pig DestroyerRelapse Records
11. 2017-05-08Pig DestroyerTrojan WhoreProwler in the YardRelapse Records
12. 2016-11-21PIG DESTROYERBetray (Minor Threat Cover)‘Blind, Deaf and Bleeding’ EPRelapse Records
13. 2016-08-15Pig DestroyerImmune to LifeBenumb/Pig Destroyer
14. 2016-06-20Pig DestroyerJunkyard GodProwler in the YardRelapse Records
15. 2016-05-16PIG DESTROYERBetray (Minor Threat Cover)‘Blind, Deaf and Bleeding’ EPRelapse Records
16. 2016-02-01Pig DestroyerDead CarnationsTerrifyer, Disc 1Relapse Records
17. 2015-08-10Pig Destroyerhymmsplit: Pig Destroyer/Benumbrelapse
18. 2015-06-29Pig DestroyerJupiter's EyePhantom Limbrelapse
19. 2014-12-22Pig DestroyerMassMass Volumerelapse
20. 2014-10-06Pig DestroyerVolumesMass Volumerelapse
21. 2014-06-02Pig DestroyerThe Machete TwinsPhantom Limbrelapse
22. 2014-04-14Pig DestroyerBaltimore StranglerBook Burnerrelapse
23. 2014-01-06Pig DestroyerValley Of The GeysersBook Burnerrelapse
24. 2013-06-10Pig DestroyerWolfs BloodBlind, Deaf, and Bleeding EPrelapse
25. 2013-05-20Pig DestroyerMapplethorpe GreyVarious Artist: Contaminated 5.0relapse
26. 2013-02-18Pig DestroyerWho Are You? (Void Cover)Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding EPrelapse
27. 2013-02-11Pig DestroyerDeny Everything (Circle Jerks)Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding EPrelapse
28. 2013-01-28Pig DestroyerBetray (Minor Threat Cover)Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding EPrelapse
29. 2013-01-21Pig DestroyerDepression (Black Flag Cover)Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding EPrelapse
30. 2013-01-14Pig DestroyerEveBook Burnerrelapse
31. 2012-12-31Pig DestroyerKamikaze HeartBook Burnerrelapse
32. 2012-12-17Pig DestroyerThe BugBook Burnerrelapse
33. 2012-12-10Pig DestroyerValley Of The GeysersBook Burnerrelapse
34. 2012-11-26Pig DestroyerKing Of ClubsBook Burnerrelapse
35. 2012-11-12Pig DestroyerBurning PalmBook Burnerrelapse
36. 2012-10-22Pig DestroyerBaltimore StranglerBook Burnerrelapse
37. 2012-10-15Pig DestroyerValley Of The Geysers Book Burnerrelapse
38. 2012-08-13Pig DestroyerIntimate SlaveryProwler in the Yardrelapse
39. 2012-02-06Pig DestroyerCheerleader CorpsesProwler in the Yardrelapse
40. 2011-10-31Pig DestroyerDeathtripperPhantom Limbrelapse
41. 2011-10-17Pig DestroyerLost CauseTerrifyerrelapse
42. 2011-05-02Pig DestroyerThumbsuckerTerrifyerrelapse
43. 2010-06-28Pig DestroyerSheet Metal GirlProwler in the Yardrelapse
44. 2010-05-24Pig DestroyerTowering FleshTerrifyerrelapse
45. 2010-01-04Pig DestroyerTickets To The Car CrashProwler in the Yardrelapse
46. 2009-11-16Pig DestroyerTrojan WhoreProwler in the Yardrelapse
47. 2009-05-18Pig DestroyerHypervioletProwler in the Yardrelapse
48. 2009-02-09Pig DestroyerCemetary RoadPhantom Limbrelapse
49. 2008-09-29Pig DestroyerDeathtripperPhantom Limbrelapse
50. 2008-06-09Pig DestroyerGrave DancerTerrifyerrelapse
51. 2008-05-19Pig DestroyerThought Crime SpreePhantom Limbrelapse
52. 2008-04-07Pig Destroyerjennifer-cheerleader corpsesProwler in the Yardrelapse
53. 2008-03-03Pig DestroyerNaked TreesProwler in the Yardrelapse
54. 2008-01-28Pig DestroyerSheet Metal GirlProwler in the Yardrelapse
55. 2007-12-17Pig DestroyerScarlet HourglassTerrifyerrelapse
56. 2007-10-15Pig DestroyerWaist Deep in AshPhantom Limbrelapse
57. 2007-09-10Pig DestroyerPhantom LimbPhantom Limbrelapse
58. 2007-08-27Pig DestroyerThought Crime SpreePhantom Limbrelapse
59. 2007-08-20Pig DestroyerGirl in the Slayer JacketPhantom Limbrelapse
60. 2007-08-06Pig DestroyerLoathsomePhantom Limbrelapse
61. 2007-07-30Pig DestroyerCemetary RoadPhantom Limbrelapse
62. 2007-07-23Pig DestroyerJupiter's EyePhantom Limbrelapse
63. 2007-07-16Pig DestroyerGirl in the Slayer JacketPhantom Limbrelapse
64. 2007-07-09Pig DestroyerDeathtripperPhantom Limbrelapse
65. 2007-07-02Pig DestroyerLoathsomePhantom Limbrelapse
66. 2007-06-25Pig DestroyerHethens TemplePhantom Limbrelapse
67. 2007-06-18Pig Destroyer4th degree burnsPhantom Limbrelapse
68. 2007-06-11Pig Destroyerlesser animalPhantom Limbrelapse
69. 2007-06-04Pig DestroyerThought Crime SpreePhantom Limbrelapse
70. 2007-03-19Pig DestroyerHyperviolet
71. 2007-03-12Pig DestroyerSnuff Film at Eleven
72. 2007-01-08pig destroyerthumbsucker
73. 2006-08-14pig destroyerjenifer-cheerleader corpsesProwler in the Yardrelapse
74. 2006-03-06pig destroyerstrangled with a halo
75. 2005-12-26pig destroyertowering flesh
76. 2005-11-28pig destroyernaked treesProwler in the Yardrelapse
77. 2005-11-07pig destroyerhymm
78. 2005-08-29Pig Destroyerimmune to life
79. 2005-08-22Pig Destroyerthumbsucker
80. 2005-08-15pig destroyerpornographic memory
81. 2005-08-01Pig Destroyersourheart
82. 2005-07-11Pig Destroyercontagieon
83. 2005-05-30pig destroyerblack dice
84. 2005-01-10pig destroyersong of filth
85. 2005-01-01pig destroyerintro->pretty in casts
86. 2004-12-27pig destroyerscarlet hourglass
87. 2004-12-20pig destroyerboy constrictor
88. 2004-12-06pig destroyerterrifyer
89. 2004-11-29pig destroyerdownpour girl
90. 2004-11-22pig destroyersourheart
91. 2004-11-08pig destroyerpretty in casts
92. 2004-11-01pig destroyerthe gentleman
93. 2004-10-25pig destroyertowering flesh
94. 2004-10-18pig destroyergrave dancer
95. 2004-06-07pig destroyermapplethrope grey
96. 2004-05-31pig destroyerterrifyer
97. 2004-05-24pig destroyerpornographic memory
98. 2004-04-19pig destroyersheet metal girlProwler in the Yardrelapse
99. 2004-03-01pig destroyerterrifyer
100. 2004-02-09pig destroyerpreacher crawling
101. 2004-02-02pig destroyerpornographic memory
102. 2004-01-19pig destroyertrojan whoreProwler in the Yardrelapse
103. 2004-01-12pig destroyerhymm
104. 2003-11-17pig destroyertask master
105. 2003-09-22pig destroyerblack centipede
106. 2003-09-15pig destroyerimmune to like
107. 2003-08-05Pig DestroyerCheerleader corpsesProwler in the Yardrelapse
108. 2003-05-20Pig destroyerCheerleader CorpsesProwler in the Yardrelapse
109. 2003-02-04Pig DestroyerMapplethorpe GreyProwler in the Yardrelapse
110. 2002-12-24Pig DestroyerStarbelly
111. 2002-10-22Pig DestroyerSheet Metal GirlProwler in the Yardrelapse
112. 2002-07-30Pig DestroyerCheerleader CorpsesProwler in the Yardrelapse
113. 2002-06-25Pig destroyertickets to the car crash
114. 2002-05-28Pig DestroyerSheet metal GirlProwler in the Yardrelapse
115. 2002-05-07Pig DestroyerTrojan WhoreProwler in the Yardrelapse
116. 2002-04-02Pig DestroyerStrangled with a Halo
117. 2002-01-08Pig DestroyerIntimate Slavery
118. 2001-11-20Pig DestroyerTrojan WhoreProwler in the Yardrelapse
119. 2001-10-16Pig Destroyerintimate Slavery
120. 2001-10-09Pig DestroyerHyperviolet
121. 2001-10-02Pig DestroyerPreacher Crawling
122. 2001-09-25Pig Destroyerpiss angel
123. 2001-09-18Pig DestroyerTickets to the Car crash
124. 2001-09-11Pig DestroyerStarbelly
125. 2001-09-11Pig DestroyerStarbelly
126. 2001-08-28Pig DestroyerGhost of a bullet
127. 2001-08-28Pig DestroyerGhost of a bullet
128. 2001-08-07Pig DestroyerIntimate Slavery
129. 2001-08-07Pig DestroyerIntimate Slavery
130. 2001-07-31Pig DestroyerPornographic Memory
131. 2001-07-31Pig DestroyerPornographic Memory
132. 2001-07-24Pig DestroyerNaked TreesProwler in the Yardrelapse
133. 2001-07-24Pig DestroyerNaked TreesProwler in the Yardrelapse
134. 2001-07-03Pig DestroyerSheet Metal GirlProwler in the Yardrelapse
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