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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1091 playlist up with 46749 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-10-08Sworn EnemyNeverIntegrity Defines StrengthNon EMI
2. 2018-09-10ONLY LIVING WITNESSSome will never knowInnocentscenturymedia
3. 2018-08-27MucopusOne Is Too Many and a Thousand Is Never EnoughMulch?!?
4. 2018-07-30MithrasTime Never LastsOn Strange LoopsMithras
5. 2018-06-18GazaHe Is Never Coming BackHe Is Never Coming BackBlack Market Activities
6. 2018-04-09B'zrkerIt Never BendsSelf Titled 7"
7. 2018-04-02VehemenceShe Never Noticed MeGod Was CreatedMetal Blade
8. 2018-03-12OriginForneverEntityNuclear Blast GmbH
9. 2018-01-29Dead Dark SlideSummer Never EndsI am DeadDead Games Records
10. 2017-11-20XibalbaNever KnellMadre Mia Gracias Por Los DiasSouthern Lord
11. 2017-06-19Nocturnal RitesFools Never DieGrand IllusionCentury Media
12. 2016-12-19ElvenkingNeverending NightsThe Winter's WakeCandlelight
13. 2016-08-29Crippler Cross FaceYou Will Never Know UsWhere Did We Put That Dead Horse We've Been Beatingurchin
14. 2016-07-18NailsYou Will Never Be One Of UsYou Will Never Be One Of UsNuclear Blast Records
15. 2016-07-04chroming roseNever Ending NightsPressure
16. 2016-06-13AeveronNever Led AstrayVVD - Destination Annihilation
17. 2016-05-23ExcelNever Look AwaySplit ImageRotten Records
18. 2016-02-01Crossed OutNever ForgetDiscography - 1990-1993
19. 2016-01-04Dark AngelNever to Rise AgainLeave Scars
20. 2016-01-04SkycamefallingNovember's Neverending10.21 Full Length CDFerret Music
21. 2015-12-27Enter My SilenceNevernityRemote Controlled ScytheWorld War III Music
22. 2015-11-23Certo PorcosHate Never EndsOdio 666greyhaze
23. 2015-11-02Attackerthe Wrath of NevermoreBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
24. 2015-10-19Judas PriestNever SatisfiedRocka Rollacmc_international
25. 2015-10-19Publicist UKI Wish You'd Never Gone To SchoolForgive Yourselfrelapse
26. 2015-08-31AnnihilatorNever, NeverlandNever, Neverlandroadrunner
27. 2015-02-16MartyrNameless, Faceless, NeverbornFeeding the Abscessgaly
28. 2015-01-05Happy DaysFor These Wounds Will Never Be As Deep As This EmptinessCause Of Death- Life
29. 2014-11-24NightingaleForever And NeverAlive Again: The Breathing Shadow Parth IVBlack Mark
30. 2014-09-08Judas PriestNever SatisfiedRocka Rolla
31. 2014-08-18Arch EnemyNever Forgive, Never ForgetWar Eternalcenturymedia
32. 2014-08-18XibalbaNever KneelMadre Mia Gracias Por Los Diassouthernlord
33. 2014-06-02The NightstalkerIf I Have Never FeltAgainst The Anesthetist
34. 2014-05-05Agent SteelNever SurrenderUnstoppable Force
35. 2014-02-10The Old Dead TreeDon't Wake Me Up (Those Who Never Wear White)The Nameless Diseaseseason_of_mist
36. 2014-01-13Eternal TortureNever Forgive And Never ForgetEtherealNoiseheadrecords
37. 2013-11-11EmpyreSword Plan/Never Ending BattleThe Foundationcoat_of_arms
38. 2013-10-21The Lurking CoprsesShe Will Never Come Home23 Tales Of Terrorhells_headbangers
39. 2013-08-12EnthronedSatan Never SleepsRegie Sathanas: A Tribute To Cernunnosmetalblade
40. 2013-06-10FireNever RunVarious Artists: Street Survivorsmetalblade
41. 2013-04-29CrowbarWill That Never DieCrowbarmayhem
42. 2013-02-11BeheadedNever To DawnNever To Dawnunique_leader
43. 2013-01-21BenumbOnce And Never AgainWithering Strands of Hoperelapse
44. 2012-12-24DimentianonIt Never Endssplit-Dimentianon-Rigor Sardonicouslargactyl
45. 2012-12-24BeheadedNever To DawnNever To Dawnunique_leader
46. 2012-11-19BeheadedNever To DawnNever To Dawnunique_leader
47. 2012-08-20Grave DiggerMetal Will Never DieHome At Last EPnapalm
48. 2012-07-30EluveitieNeverlandHelvetiosnuclearblast
49. 2012-06-11MartyrNameless, Faceless, NeverbornFeeding the Abscessgaly
50. 2012-02-27SpeedwolfNever TwiceRide With Deathhells_headbangers
51. 2011-11-28MithrasTime Never LastsTime Never Lastsglactic
52. 2011-09-26DemeritNever Gonna ChangeNever Say Die
53. 2011-08-29OriginForneverEntitynuclearblast
54. 2011-08-01OriginForneverEntitynuclearblast
55. 2011-01-31AyatCurses! Curses! And Never Sleep...Six Years Of Dormant Hatredmoribund
56. 2010-10-04Despised Iconthe Sunset Will Never Charm Usthe Healing Processcenturymedia
57. 2010-08-30King Of AsgardNever Will You Know Of Flesh AgainFi'mbulvintrmetalblade
58. 2010-08-23GazaHe Is Never Coming BackHe Is Never Coming Backblackmarket_activities
59. 2010-05-17AbscessNever Sane AgainDawn Of Inhumanitypeaceville
60. 2010-04-26GazaHe Is Never Coming BackHe Is Never Coming Backblackmarket_activities
61. 2010-04-12EluveitieEverything Remains (As It Never Was)Everything Remains (As It Never Was)nuclearblast
62. 2010-04-05Nocturnal RitesFools Never DieGrand Illusioncenturymedia
63. 2009-11-02MeshuggahWe'll Never See The DayContradictions Collapsenuclearblast
64. 2009-04-27Attackerthe Wrath of NevermoreBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
65. 2009-01-12Raw Radar WarNever Forgive Again== (Double Equals)traktor7
66. 2008-11-24WarshipWe've Never Been EqualSupply and Dependvagrant
67. 2008-11-03WarshipWe've Never Been EqualSupply and Dependvagrant
68. 2008-10-20Extreme Noise TerrorWork for Neverretro-butionearache
69. 2008-08-18Despised Iconthe Sunset Will Never Charm Usthe Healing Processcenturymedia
70. 2008-06-02TerrorNever AloneThe Damned, the Shamedcenturymedia
71. 2008-04-28Cavalera ConspiracyNevertrustInfliktedroadrunner
72. 2008-02-11Perth ExpressNeverending Einbhanstrasseself-titledtdb
73. 2008-01-21DemiricousNever Enough RoadTwo (poverty)metalblade
74. 2007-12-24DemiricousNever Enough RoadTwo (poverty)metalblade
75. 2007-11-19DownNever TryOver the Underwmg
76. 2007-11-19Attackerthe Wrath of NevermoreBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
77. 2007-10-29Bring me the HorizonTraitors never play hang-menThis is What the Edge of Your Seat was Made forearache
78. 2007-10-22RingwormNever Wasthe Venomous Grand Designvictory
79. 2007-09-10RingwormNever Wasthe Venomous Grand Designvictory
80. 2007-09-03King DiamondNever Ending HillGive me your Soul... Pleasemetalblade
81. 2007-07-30Crippler Cross Faceyou will never know usWhere did we put that Dead Horse we've been beatingurchin
82. 2007-04-23martyrnameless, faceless, neverbornFeeding the Abscessgaly
83. 2007-04-09eat the livingfornever
84. 2006-12-11playgirlsharks never sleep
85. 2006-12-04blind guardianthis will never end
86. 2006-11-13meshuggahwe'll never see the day
87. 2006-10-30neurosisa sun that never sets
88. 2006-10-09The Mighty Nimbusi'll never weep
89. 2006-09-18diecastnever forget
90. 2006-05-15dismemberthe god that never wasThe God That Never Wascandlelight
91. 2006-05-15Despised Iconthe Sunset Will Never Charm Us
92. 2006-05-08Despised Iconthe Sunset Will Never Charm Us
93. 2006-04-10Beneath the Massacrenever more
94. 2006-03-20extreme noise terrorwork for never
95. 2006-03-20Beneath the Massacrenever more
96. 2006-02-27seednevermore
97. 2006-01-23Mucopusone is too many and a thousand is never enough
98. 2005-09-05Dew Scentednever to return
99. 2005-08-29jacknifesurrender never
100. 2005-07-18no allegancenever forget
101. 2005-07-11Dew Scentednever to return
102. 2005-03-07Crippler Cross Faceyou will never know us
103. 2005-02-28A Life Once Lostnevermore will I have an understanding...
104. 2005-02-07Death Before Dishonornever againFriends Family Foreverbridge9
105. 2005-01-17Crippler Cross Faceyou will never know us
106. 2005-01-17enthronedsatan never sleeps
107. 2004-11-29nerve gas tragedynever cease
108. 2004-10-11amaranthuswho says goodbyes are never easy?
109. 2004-08-30amaranthuswho says goodbyes are never easy?
110. 2004-03-15vehemenceshe never noticed me
111. 2004-03-15walls of jerichorevival never goes out of style
112. 2004-03-08A Life Once Lostnevermore wil I have an understanding
113. 2004-02-23enthronedsatan never sleeps
114. 2004-02-23maledictatradtional neverending friend
115. 2004-02-16A Life Once Lostnevermore will they have an understanding
116. 2003-09-09the bledi never met another genimi
117. 2003-01-07Love Lost but not ForgottenIt never Happend
118. 2002-10-15Nocturnal RitesNever Dies
119. 2002-08-27Love Lost but not ForgottenIt never happened
120. 2002-08-06Love Lost but not ForgottenIt Never Happened
121. 2002-02-26UnderoathNever Meant to Break yout Heart
122. 2002-01-04Eternal SufferingLove will never Conquer Hate
123. 2002-01-01Enter My SilenceNevernity
124. 2001-12-25Imapled NazareneNever Forgive
125. 2001-10-30Six Feet UnderIt Never Dies
126. 2001-10-30Six Feet UnderIt Never Dies
127. 2001-05-29EnthronedSatan Never Sleeps
128. 2000-10-03Pissing RazorsYou'll Never know
129. 2000-08-28Pissing RazorsYou'll never Know
130. 2000-06-05Autumns BleedingNever bow Down
131. 2000-04-03EnthronedSatan Never Sleeps
132. 1999-11-08Angel DustNever
133. 1999-08-23EnthronedSatan Never SLeeps
134. 1999-06-28American Head ChargeNever Get Caught
135. 1999-05-31SculptureI never know
136. 1999-05-31IntegrityNever Surrender
137. 1997-11-24KDCNever SAy Never
138. 1997-11-17BiopsyNever Inhale
139. 1997-11-10BiopsyNever Inhale
140. 1997-10-27BiopsyNever Inhale
141. 1997-10-20BiopsyNever inhale
142. 1997-03-31Pain EmissionNever Again
143. 1997-02-17Pain EmissionNever Again
144. 1997-01-27Pain EmissionNever Again
145. 1997-01-13Pain EmissionNever Again
146. 1997-01-06Pain EmissionNever Again
147. 1996-12-23Killing FloorNever go right
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