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Keep It Short Reviews
Date Added: Jan 29, 2002 Reviews 13 Views 9076
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Band:Pigdestroyer [add link]
Title:Prowler in the Yard
Label:Relapse Records [add link]
Categories:Death Metal Grind metal
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:Feb 6,2002 6:27pm - post by anonymous
very good grind, but not as good as the older shit. this is a little bit more mature then previous releases. some songs can bore me ,but after a few litsens it grows on you. definatly check this out if you like grindcore with a touch of powerviolence

:Apr 4,2002 1:29pm - post by RustedAngel
the first album by these guys that I can sit down and listen to seriously. Good Stuff!

:Jun 26,2002 2:32pm - post by anonymous
ive been into pig destroyer for a while now and honestly i can say im not a big fan of this. i like the raw and more noisy PxDx although this is not bad it just doesnt have the PxDx feel

:Jan 1,2003 3:14am - post by anonymous
Very brutal! The best grind I have heard in a long time!

:Aug 24,2003 10:02pm - post by Shroomarmy666 at
Amazin Grindcore album i heard in my entire LIFE!!!! the lyrics flat-out rules! so does older stuff,but the music is more mature then "38 counts of battary" and its true,some fans might not like this album cuz there used to the older stuff,i love the old stuff too,its more grindy and noisey,but in my opinion this one is way Way WAY BETTEr cuz its more structured and diversed and also an amazing short story on the back of the booklet and also in track 1 and track 22(after the song finishes)...whoever is a grindfreak and doesnt have this album ,MUST GET IT,trust me u wont be disappointed!
i give this album 10/10,i cant wait for there next album ,its gonna be a concept album and its gonna blow peoples minds!!

:Dec 31,2003 4:08pm - post by anonymous (just this once)
I didn't put my name in this one cause i dont feel like getting my ass kicked. I dont hate these guys but I wouldn't call these guys "Grindcore". From the CD I heard I got more of a "metalcore" feel from it. They may sing about Grind themes but the music (to me) was alot more... well you know. The covers cool though. I expect aguments. I'm ready.

:Jan 1,2004 2:31pm - post by anonymous
I agree, scum was grind, so was FETO, but i wasnt feeling enough intensity to call it "true" grind. I prefer Napalm

:May 13,2004 5:11pm - post by anonymous (malettey)
this album is fucking awesome. i don't know what else to say about it, this album is 21 tracks of savage, vicious grindcore that will pummel your fucking brains out. if you think disgorge or vile is brutal, you probably haven't heard this yet.

:Jun 26,2005 8:28pm - post by exhumed4death
such a great cd from beginning to end. it flows with so much feeling and is obviously the height of this band since the new one is just sliding its shit covered dick into the mainstreams uninspired repetitive asshole

:Jan 17,2006 3:51pm - post by justmustache edited Jan 17,2006 3:54pm
In it's purest form I love this album. It has so many memorable parts. The concept is brilliant, along with the lyrics. As far as the musicianship; very well thought out and refreshing. These guys do so much different than any other band out there, in my opinion. Pig Destroyer touches on death metal in this record, and I think it has a thrashy feel as well, other than that it's pretty expierimental. Sometimes it's better not to label everything, it leaves room for more atmosphere which is quite possibly PxDx's goal? I don't know but I'll give it a 10/10. Great metal album.

:Jan 17,2006 3:53pm - post by justmustache edited Jan 17,2006 3:54pm

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