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Date Added: Jan 31, 2002 Reviews 11 Views 9736
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Band:Children of Bodom [add link] [band profile
Title:Follow the Reaper
Label:Nuclear Blast [add link]
Categories:Melodic Death/Power Metal
Other Cds

Children of Bodom

Children Of Bodom

Children of Bodom

Children Of Bodom

Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom

children of bodom

children of bodom
Reviews and Comments: (add review)
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:Feb 6,2002 12:42am - post by bordersauce
It blows me away that kids at this age can play guitar this well. Call it cheese if you want too... I'll even call it cheese. But whatever; whats good is good! And this album is great. Its upbeat and tech as hell. There isnt one single song on the album that dissapoints me. And to end the CD with a triumphant victory (hahaha) they cover a WASP song! And they do a damn good job at it. Its a great CD to listen to when you're in a bad, sad or tired mood.

:Feb 17,2002 1:57am - post by RustedAngel
"kids at this age?" Alex and Alexi are like 28 years old. This album is a pretty damn good album with amazing guitar work at that. I suggest on getting the tokyo warhearts cd which is them Live in Tokyo, it is fucking amazing!

:Apr 27,2002 5:14pm - post by DaveyHavoc
Alex and Alexi are acutally around 22 years old. But anyway, this album owns metal in 2001.

:May 19,2002 5:35pm - post by AllanHoldsworth
Most members were like 18 on their first disc, so yeah, they're like 22 or so now. And GOD DAMN! That tokyo war hearts shit... that part where the guitar and keyboard are dueling... fucking shit. There is some shit going on there that is just downright inhuman because it's being picked. I want to cry when I hear that.

:Jun 16,2003 12:50pm - post by anonymous
damn happy...damn sad...all fucked up remorse for your actions...asshole bleeding with satisfaction...crush your bones against my dirty skin....let yourself go me bleed me bleed me bleed me bleed you

:Jun 16,2003 5:45pm - post by Love2Hate
this is probably one of COB's best albums. melodic/angry/and the solos are killer. 6.5 out of 10

:Dec 17,2003 9:08pm - post by anonymous
great album. Up there with "hatebreeder'. Awesome keyboard solo on track 1. One of the best bands along with Kalmah and Opeth.

:Mar 18,2004 9:35pm - post by retzam
Awesome album. Not quite as good as Hatebreeder though. Best songs: Follow The Reaper, Bodom After Midnight, Hate Me!

:Mar 21,2004 3:46am - post by swamplorddvm
Agreed. Good shit.

:Jul 16,2004 4:45pm - post by Christraper
Children of the Eighties

:Jul 18,2004 8:22am - post by anonymous
i dub the band...children of sodom.

:Jun 25,2006 8:30pm - post by anonymous
I dub you.... and idiot.

:Feb 2,2007 10:28pm - post by Ryan_M
An almost total shred-fest from start to finish complete with impressive dueling guitar and keyboard solos. Pure cheese, but still a decent and original piece of work that's enjoyable and fun to listen to.
Also reccomended is the "Hatebreeder" album. Good stuff!

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