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Date Added: Jan 31, 2002 Reviews 35 Views 8535
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Band:Vehemence [add link] [band profile
Title:God Was Created
Label:Metal Blade [add link]
Categories:Death Metal
Tracks:1. Made for her Jesus
2. She never noticed me
3. Fantasy from pain
4. Christ, I fucking hate you!!
5. Lusting for affection
6. The last fantasy of Christ
7. I didn`t kill her
8. God was created
9. I must not live
10. The lord`s work
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:Jun 15,2002 12:19am - post by anonymous
GOD WAS CREATED is by far one of the best conceptually produced albums of 2002, and will dominate the brutal melodic death metal scene for years to come. A must have.

:Jun 15,2002 12:22am - post by mutilatedpriest
My review of Vehemence-God Was Created is above...

:Jul 2,2002 4:06pm - post by anonymous
ADAM: I just got the Vehemence - God Was Created cd...One word. GODLY!!! This album has everything that a (death) metal album needs, and more. Brutal mathmatical rhythms, technical melodies, drumming is very nicely in the mix, so is the bass. Top notch production mixed in with the layering of the leads, and the effect of the synth adds to this cd even more than the very well written, slow-fast paced music, makes this a masterpeice. One of the best Metal albums ever created.

:Jul 21,2002 6:15pm - post by the_reverend
dear lord, I can not believe I was blessed with this CD. It's simply amazing. It sounds like the anthem for a psychotic break down. Fans of the last CD will love this and people sick of generic "death metal" will enjoy this new foray into mixing Tech-riffs, emotional break downs, and death. Think if Pyrexia, Deicide, and Bolt Thrower did a CD together and Chuck (rip) + Steve Austin produced it, that comes close to describing these pioneers newest CD.

:Feb 22,2003 5:59pm - post by anonymous
Vehemence has recreated the same kind of sensation when I listened to Left Hand Path for the first time 11 years ago. That is to say, for me, God Was Created has simply perfected everything I personally enjoy about death metal with uncanny precision. Vehemence has taken pretty much a chunk from every spectrum of death metal: the brutality of the East Coast, the melody of Northern Europe and the songwriting ability of Florida, and simply blended the sounds together to create a special album that should appease almost every fan of classic or modern death metal. -Erik Thomas

:Feb 22,2003 6:01pm - post by anonymous
I would have to say that this reminds me more of a combination of Opeth, Dissection, and old Gorefest. There are also some Cryptopsy moments on here where the bass really comes through nicely, reminds me of Blasphemy Made Flesh, though the sound is better. This is one of the few standout American metal bands that I have heard in recent times. - Chemical Warfare

:Feb 22,2003 6:04pm - post by mailto:info at
The vocalls are also very deep and dark...a big guttural death voice but man, that sound so 'big'..awesome! Death Metal fans, you have to add that CD to your collection!!!! -Patrick

:Feb 22,2003 6:14pm - post by chris at
The artwork for the album by Evil Dave is fantastic and goes very well with the overall theme and feel of the album. The concept/lyrics are creepy, sick and dark and would make a hell of a movie. The band is thinking of making a movie based on this album and has about half the CD sketched out already. I, for one, would really like to see this concept on screen; it would be one of the sickest movies ever. 10/10- Chris Slack

:Feb 22,2003 6:22pm - post by metallian at
The latter band's patterns can clearly be heard during the song God Was Created. The American sextet is also and more intensely reminiscent of the Phlebotomized demo, or for those not familiar with that, Phlebotomized's debut album.

:Feb 22,2003 6:24pm - post by anonymous (Rippen Terror)
This is very complex story of murder, denial, rape, necrophilia ( don't take it out of context ), more murder, and ultimately suicide. Highly complex, at times touching love type scenarios that are always ruined by the twisted visions of religion.

:Feb 22,2003 6:31pm - post by anonymous (Smotherm)
Expert songwriting. Exceptional musicianship. Refreshing creativity. This record may be the arguable superlative combination of beautiful melodies, putrid sickness, and utter fucking brutality. Vomitous vocals bellow over complex drums and intricate guitars that range from the utmost in majesty to the depths of musical violence. From the moving poignancy of “She Never Noticed Me” to the scalding ferocity of “Lusting for Affection”, this demented musical trip through the mind of an obsessive and sexually twisted man is a gratifying experience for any Death Metal fan. “God Was Created” will be one of the most memorable releases in the genre. - Jeremy

:Feb 22,2003 6:46pm - post by anonymous (Dan Beer-The Local Planet)
Lyrically, Vehemence are death to their rotting spines, but there remains a hint of melody in the guitars and keyboard/piano. After one listen, you’ll be running to the bathroom to release involuntary fluids — in a good way.

:Feb 22,2003 6:49pm - post by anonymous (Anthony Pagano)
"Made For Her Jesus" starts things off....slow at first but the song really builds itself into a monster around the lyrics and Nathan's slit vocal chord singing style. "She Never Noticed" starts off with an acoustic line but soon picks up the pace with a great guitar groove but like the first track, this one has many twists and turns going from electric to acoustic and back again! It sounds like someone is spinning a radio dial but it ends up with a slow grinding drum pace on "Fantasy From Pain". The fury and anger continue on "Christ, I Fucking Hate You" with some great leads by Bjorn and John. The structure of music is only limited by ones imagination. Take "Lusting For Affection", or "I Didn't Kill Her", with their many musical changes for example. It starts, it stops, it changes chords, the drums are everywhere but more importantly, Vehemence ties it all together. From 0 to 100 (and then some) in a matter of 25 seconds is the order of the day for "The Last Fantasy Of Christ". "God Was Created" gives serious question to the idea that is there really a god or is it just a fabrication of one imagination LONG ago that has been preached down for centuries?

:Feb 22,2003 7:22pm - post by anonymous (Ravenous)
This album contains some cool guitar work. Guitarists Bjorn and John combine great riffs that will go from a My Dying Bride sound to a Suffocation sound. They also blend some great clean work in there, but not as much in the later part of the album. It would have been nice if the clean stuff were found a little bit more often.

:Feb 22,2003 7:27pm - post by anonymous (Adam-Metal Bite)
“God Was Created” is a breathe of fresh air in an otherwise dusty and boring metal sub genre. Here the listener is given almost a whole hour of quality extreme metal. Each song is epic and very enjoyable to listen to. It is one of those albums where it is better to sit down and listen to it the whole way through. The lyrics are vivid and brutally violent. Much of the vocal delivery compliments such lyrical content. In this case there is a bit in common with bands like Cannibal Corpse, but that is where such comparisons end. The music is very technical and brutal at times yet extremely melodic as well. This gives the record a more dynamic feel and the song lengths give the album an epic feel.

:Feb 22,2003 7:31pm - post by anonymous (By Paul Autry -Ball Buster)
The album packaging is rather cool...a lot of blood and guts, which is something else that's associated with this style of music. If you're a fan of extreme music that's played well, you should dig this release. Hell, it's probably already in your collection.

:Feb 22,2003 7:38pm - post by anonymous (Ink Drinker)
They show a creative mind at work avoiding dry cliches. A neat change of pace!

:Feb 22,2003 7:49pm - post by anonymous (Espudd)
Vehemence can write songs to torture the dead with. Gritty, snarling bass and lead guitar give way to short acoustic romps that break through long enough to shed light on the fact that there was actual thinking involved with the writing process (or they could have just been sober). Pieces of piano can be heard now and then underneath the slow tortured death of innocent souls that at times add the needed atmosphere or depth needed to keep one listening.

:Feb 22,2003 7:51pm - post by anonymous (Voices from The Dark Side/Frank Stöver )
Blessed with a fat production the album takes you on a pretty exciting roller coaster ride through quite some musical diversity, always remaining within the boundaries of brutality though. The overall dark'n'moody atmosphere, created by keyboards and melodic, partly acoustic guitar pieces, has this typical DIMMU BORGIR kind of feel to it, while the thrashy riffing comes across in an almost Gothenburg-style vein.

:Feb 22,2003 7:53pm - post by anonymous (Midnight Metal)
At times the melodious portions interrupt the flow of the music. The songs will be blazing along at a nice clip - then this semi-acoustic guitar and throaty spoken vocals will come in. I can't help but think - "What the hell? Bring on the grind!" Alternately, it's quite a different angle and gives the music a new edge a lot of bands have yet to really try as of yet.

I can predict that these guys are going to be around for a long time to come, as their production is absolutely wicked, their cover art is haunting - very similar to Cannibal Corpse - and the music stands alone and strong against anyone in the scene today. Bottom line - this is an awesome release, go get it. 8/10

:Feb 22,2003 7:57pm - post by anonymous (Michiel D from Lords of Metal/Holland)
I am sure that Glenn Benton would have a shameful blush on his cheeks after seeing the jacket of Vehemence’s God Was Created. Zombies with crowns of thorns, virgin stomachs ripped open en poetic titles as Made for her Jesus, Christ I F**king Hate You!, The Lords Work etc. I frowned my eyebrows when I heard the music of these barbarians. No brutal US Death as I had expected, but Swedish Death with synthesizers/samples. 80/100

:Feb 22,2003 8:00pm - post by anonymous (Review by Gonzo the Silenced )
Admittedly, I find very few non-Swedish Death Metal bands fruitful, but in the case the States' very own Vehemence, I have to make an exception. Granted, their imagery and blasphemy will satisfy damn near any fan of American Death Metal; Vehemence's sound sits squarely in the American vein as well, replete with downtuned guitars, double-kick blastfeasts, and some insanely guttural vocals. But this shit is melodic. Not melodic and happy like In Flames (who are really just a Power Metal band with a Death Metal singer); imagine Floridian bands with riffs you could actually whistle along to.

Very Phantom of the Opera, dontcha think? From there, it just gets sicker. And often, it just gets sillier; see "Fantasy From Pain" and "Christ, I Fucking Hate You!," where the narrator masturbates while Christ erotically strangulates the girl, whereupon he kills her father, pops the girl's cherry, turns into Jesus, and some other weird shit.

It sounds an awful lot like what the Catholic Church started going through a few months after this material was recorded.

:Feb 22,2003 8:08pm - post by anonymous (Rudd from Holland)
The songstructures are brilliant, including blast parts combined with more swingable midtempo parts. The used keyboards and accoustic guitar passages are never misplaced and actually benefit to the music in this case, it\'s not getting wimpy anywhere at all. For a second album this sure as hell ain\'t bad at all, and one could easily say that they gained strength, originality and quality with this album comparing it to their debut.

:Feb 22,2003 8:10pm - post by anonymous (Donnie from Neverending Hate Zine)
I can't fucking believe this !!! What a band ! Extremely brutal death metal, totally technical & skillfull metal, absolutely melodic death metal !!! They're creating their musick into higher level of extreme metal that you've never imagine ! Got all aspects and structure from brutal death metal, brutal black death metal and melodic black death metal, imagine that ! shrieks in agony screaming high picthed vocals, aggressive & deep guttural growls from a demonic beast that seems like swallowing human body and bones, unrelentless brutal crushing and hellish technical melodic riffs, torturing bass sections, high technic drumming, unbelievable fast double pedals, extreme bone crushing blast beats all that combines with atmospheric compositions from the keyboard player that will make the sorrounding become more brutal, dark and yet melodic. METAL BLADE Records was absolutely right by picking this band under their flag to become more known and achieve more recognition coz' VEHEMENCE deserved it ! Cool and sick cover art by Evil Dave. Great ! Fans of extreme brutal death, extreme black death, extreme melodic death, gather around !!! get their CD right now ! you will love this ! Be prepare for a new level of extreme metal originality !!! NOT for Poseurs !

:Feb 22,2003 8:13pm - post by anonymous (Ralf fromt the Metal Observer)
VEHEMENCE and serve you a big portion of blasting Death and they put some emphasis on demanding instrumentation and quite some variation.

:Feb 22,2003 8:22pm - post by anonymous (Disagreement Web Zine)
People who are tired of primitive old school death metal and also don't like the more melodic European way of death metal should check out absolutely this band. Vehemence's debut is a really cool piece of music that's fast, brutal, technical and intelligent as well. I give it 9 points, and hope that this hasn't been the last we have heard of these newcomers.

:Feb 22,2003 8:27pm - post by anonymous (Glenn Watson from Glensmetal)
Vehemence are one Arizona's only brutal death metal band that plays with emotionally sorrowful thoughts and feelings. Not really a speedy death metal band per se, But more like a progressive death metal band with doom elements. They're all young guys here so they haven't found their niche yet but I have confidence this band will be around for a few years trying to find the right sound for them, Overall if you good quality death metal with technical guitars and what not then Vehemence is for you. Though if you don't like any intelligence that death metal has to offer, then I'd recommend you go back and listen to something that Relapse has to offer.

:Feb 22,2003 11:20pm - post by anonymous (Blackwinged from Lunar Hypnosis Webzine)
It's truly a blood soaked tale of horror, and not only is this story really dark and twisted, but the music on this CD is also excellent. The band's sound is some what melodic death sounding, but their are lots of parts where the music is really fast and sounds like any other brutal death metal band.

:Feb 22,2003 11:49pm - post by anonymous ( Tim D from Lolipop Magazine)
I was bent over laughing at the album art... until the CD started playing. Baroque acoustic guitars underneath Suffocation-style “ultra deep” vocals? Then early-In Flames duel lead riffing? Wow! And I thought this was going to be just some gore metal rip-off. On to song two... synth strings, more baroque chord progressions, some spoken word, and a devastating burst into snake spit/growl dual vocals atop beautifully melodic riffs? Fuck me insane, this is rad! The fact that Vehemence have a keyboard player who actually contributes to the atmosphere is commendable, but to have powerful riffs as well! Such understanding of classical chord progressions! And a love for old school “so deep you can’t understand them” vocals! I think I’m in love. Overlook the silly art, cuz this is a mighty album on par with The Jester Race.

:Feb 23,2003 12:14am - post by anonymous (The Undergrowth)
There is a big
emphasis on sex. Mainly rape, incest, and necrophila but most of that can be
expect from a death metal band. At almost 60 minutes long Vehemence has
served up a solid full corpse meal of rotting flesh with there second (first on
Metal Blade) full length release"God Was Created".

:Feb 23,2003 12:23am - post by anonymous (Met' Hell)
A very disturbing yet somewhat true-to-life story line about seduction, murder, slaughter and suicide, this is the most horrific album you will be able to buy this year. If you are not easily scared, or easily squemish, then this is the album for you!

:May 12,2003 9:30pm - post by corpsegrinder0123
By far one of the greatest death metal cds of all time. Brutal blast beats, crazy metal riffs, with melodic hormonies. Breakdowns like in the last fantasy of christ just blow your mind and the lead guitar in christ, I fucking hate you!! go perfectly with the rythm it perfectly melds with the music. The vocalist sounds like satan himself grunting so low but yet very clear. This album is one you have to buy!!!!! Never will you deny their greatness after hearing this one through.

:Jan 6,2004 3:53pm - post by JellyFish
Awe-inspiring. I you havent heard, youre missing. Bad-ass shit

:Feb 23,2006 2:27am - post by Ryan_M edited Feb 23,2006 2:29am
Don't judge a death metal album by it's cover - something to consider when looking at the kind of amusing twisty-horned, wild-bearded goat-headed zombie on the front of this album. It was easy for me to overlook this when browsing through my local record shop; I figured they were probably just another Suffocation/Deicide rip-off claiming to be the most brutal thing on planet Earth. Hahaha boy was I in for a surprise when I actually gave it a try!
Incredible is the only word I can think of to describe this album; it is simply a fucking masterpiece. Vehemence play melodic death metal like nothing I've heard before; there are hints of Swedish death influence in the songs, but this is no "Slaughter of the Soul" clone, I really feel this album has a uniqueness all on its own.
The songs crunch with intense brutality, and at the same time are dripping with heart-wrenching, stomach churning emotion that feels real when you listen to it. The vocals by themselves are standard death growls, but sung to this music, and with the addition of spoken parts, they are filled with deep anguish, despair and hatred.
If you like melody and true feeling in your death metal, you cannot go wrong with this album. In a time where metal is becoming somewhat of a stagnant genre, with bands all ripping each other off in a desperate attempt to "start something new" and grab the attention of trendy mallrats and fad-seeking middle schoolers, "God Was Created" is truly a gem in death metal, and not an album to be missed by fans of the genre.

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