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Date Added: Aug 7, 2002 Reviews 3 Views 5321
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Band:Light is the Language [add link] [band profile
Title:The Void Falls Silent
Label:Gladiator [add link]
Categories:Progressive Metalcore
Bio:The group began to consolidate its membership in April of 2000 when vocalist Ryan Meade and guitarist Donny Withington dug themselves out of the ashes of their prior band with whom they had just recently and unapologetically parted ways. The first business at hand was to acquire a drummer capable of playing the intense, complex music the pair had wanted but were unable to create with their last band. They enlisted old friend Nick Licitra to take on that daunting task of putting drumbeats to the madness they injected into their amplifiers and out of the speakers. They also brought in bassist Jeane Sagan, who had been in the ill fated prior band that had just disintegrated. To complete the line-up, they also asked close friend and guitar madman Brian Toole to join as Donny's six stringed partner in crime, who was anxious to jam with someone new after realizing the inevitable downfall of the band he was in at the time.

With a complete line up and a common goal to try and create the most impacting, abrasive, original sound they could, the group began diligently writing songs to play out live, which also became the groundwork for their debut ep "The Void Falls Silent". By May 2001, the group had enough songs and enough confidence in what they were trying to convey that they stormed the stage for the first time on May 27th at the Fat Cat's in Springfield, Massachusetts and practically tore it down. Since then, the band has been pouring their heart and soul into every show they play, every song they write, and every lyric they profess. The band has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such acts as Hatebreed, Poison the Well, Converge, Shai Halud, Candiria and a slew of other heavy hitting bands from the underground.

It's hard to place a finger on the Light Is The Language sound. The band draws influence from such diverse aesthetic tastes as Botch, Sunny Day Real Estate, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Miles Davis, noise composer John Zorn, Discordance Axis, the Cancer Conspiracy, Neurosis, faith No More and countless other styles of music. With the official release of their debut ep "The Void Falls Silent", the band offers merely a taste, an appetizer if you will, of what the main course intends to be. The band has already begun writing sessions for what will eventually be their first full length effort, and added a sixth member-Scott Caruso, to run soundscapes, samples, additional vocals, chant mantras and add other eclectic sounds to hopefully distance themselves from the pack of Metalcore bands that are so prevalent today. They embrace a far more spiritual side than most bands of theor genre - for lack of a better term - do, openly studying and practicing the ideas behind Buddhism, Taoism, the Kabala and other theologies and philosophies. But while they do have a strong sense of ethical beliefs and political views of the world, the ultimate factor is the fact that the music truly does speak for itself.

Tracks:1.The Void Falls Silent
2.I was born a vietnam vet you wanna play bloody knuckles
4.the digital wendingo vs. the little guy
5.the mating habits of a blind misanthrope
6.occam's razor
7.letter to the (r)evolution
Reviews and Comments: (add review)
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:Aug 7,2002 9:44pm - post by anonymous
kick ass

:May 29,2003 8:05pm - post by torturekiller
one of my favorite bands. I miss the orignal singer Ryan though, with the new singer Frank, he doesn't compare. Awesome cd though, I was born a vietnam vet is their best song, all the kids go crazy for that song. Pick up the cd if u haven't already!!!

:Aug 12,2003 11:35pm - post by anonymous
oh god. this shit fucking rules

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