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Date Added: Sep 26, 2002 Reviews 3 Views 5877
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Band:BANE OF EXISTENCE [add link] [band profile
Label:BOE [add link]
Categories:DEATH METAL
Bio:Formaly known as Dismalbio, BANE OF EXISTENCE formed in the tail end of 1999 by drummer, Mike Butkewicz, and guitarist, Jim Ash. The two began looking for people who shared the same vision and uncompromising brutal musical tastes. After trying out several people, they finally found the bassist they had been looking for, former DISRUPT drummer and GRIEF bassist Randy Odierno. Randy's powerful distorted bass not only laid down a solid rhythm but also added that extra element needed to destroy and pummel the masses! They had clicked. A connection was made and soon enough the three began writing music together to build a brutal song base.
Next the search began for the vocalist to complete this devastatingly heavy slice of Armageddon then known as DISMALBIO. After putting out vocalist wanted flyers at every possible metal show, an email came in from one Doug Rinaldi. Doug admitted to never having done lead vocals for a band before but wanted to give it a shot. So a tape was mailed to him and he began writing lyrics to the first song he heard.
Eventually he emailed the band the lyrics for a song he titled "Denounced." The band was completely blown away by what they had read. But could he sing? They gave Doug a call and the vocalist try-outs were underway. Not knowing really what to expect from him, being that he hadn't been in a band before, the rest of the band was ready for anything. Luckily enough Doug had pulled through. Jim, Mike and Randy were instantly pleased with his sound and style. A few days later an email was sent which asked him if he'd like to join up with the band! Graciously, he accepted and began writing lyrics for the other songs in the band's arsenal.
After a few live performances and having built a small, but respectable, fan base, the band was dealt its first line-up blow. Due to personal reasons, Randy decided to leave Bane of Existence after the recording of their first demo MCD. Doug, Mike and Jim wished him the best as they began the search for a new bassist (which proved to be a laborous task). Eventually, Lucas showed up at the practice room and burned through two of the songs with little trouble or hesitation. With his determination and eagerness to learn the material, he was immediately admitted into the fold. However, after a few months and a few shows Lucas decided to move on and into another local band forcing the remaining members of B.O.E. to restart their search for yet another bassist.
The search didn't last too long though. Just after taking Lucas into the line up another bassist, Brandon Adelizzi, had called inquiring about the spot. Upon Lucasí departure Brandonís number was called immediately and asked to come try out. Formerly of WARHEAD and DREAD, Brandon came down, plugged in and showed us his style and although rough around the edges it was obvious he was the guy the band needed to complete the band.
BANE OF EXISTENCE is a 4-piece band based in Rockland on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Combining the musical styles of such bands as MALEVOLENT CREATION, DYING FETUS, SKINLESS, INCANTATION, VITAL REMAINS and IMMOLATION, B.O.E. is currently perfecting their existing songs of pure hatred as well as constantly putting together new material. BANE OF EXISTENCE is Boston-based brutality at its sickest. Check out the band's first demo recording which was released this past March.

Tracks:1. Denounced
2. Art of Fisting
3. Evisceration
4. Iconoclast
5. Cankerous
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:Nov 25,2002 11:51am - post by Spoon_Fed
Doesn't have to sacrifice originality and musicianship for brutality. Kind of reminds me of Coffin Texts + Dying Fetus, but with their own sound. I feel bad for you if you haven't heard this yet.

:Jul 28,2003 1:27pm - post by Beakey
This CD makes you want to rip someone's face off and go on a thirty-seven day killing spree until you finally die in a hail of gunfire that could even stop the Incredible Hulk. *

*This particular desire lasts for approximately four minutes after the CD ends so, by all means, make sure you are alone when you listen to it.

:Dec 31,2003 2:02pm - post by anonymous (JellyFish)
GOOD shit. I really enjoy the style of the vocalist. Jim has a good sound in his solos, and they work very well together. Plus, theyre a Massachusetts band. Represent. High recommendations, and check out a show if they come near you.

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