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Date Added: Feb 27, 2002 Reviews 191 Views 62466
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Band:Poison the Well [add link] [band profile
Title:Tear from the Red
Label:Trustkill [add link]
Tracks:01. Botchla

02. I put dicks in my ass on the regular

03. Turn Down Elliot

04. Rings From Corona

05. Moments Over Exaggerate

06. Horns And Tails

07. Sticks And Stones Never Made Sense

08. Cocksucking 101

09. Karsey Street

10. Parks And What You Meant To Me
Other Cds

Poison the Well

Poison the Well

Poison the Well

Poison the Well

Poison the Well
Reviews and Comments: (add review)
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:Mar 20,2002 10:49am - post by anonymous
This is the stupidest most emo worthless attempt at a hardcore cd ever. the amount of mainstream influence in it is ridiculous. you'll be seeing them on mtv soon enough. not to mention at your local gay bar.

:Mar 23,2002 6:12pm - post by silent_scorn
I thought it was pretty good. Nothing special.

:Mar 29,2002 12:58am - post by justin
it's not that bad. i don't like how the first song sounds like the deftones (booo), but overall the cd is decent.

:Apr 2,2002 1:11am - post by AllanHoldsworth
Overall these guys love the dick and I could play any of their riffs left handed. An absolutely worthless recording.

:Apr 4,2002 1:30pm - post by RustedAngel
poison the who?

these guys suck, period.

:May 14,2002 9:26am - post by xbandnamex
definately the shittiest followup album ever. it took them like two or three years to put this out and all it does is disapoint.

:May 15,2002 2:43am - post by anonymous
This album is the fucking best follow up, even better than the first i think, all of you poeple that think it sucks must be fucking deaf...fucking morons....Go Play in traffic

:Jun 5,2002 4:02pm - post by bloodlet
Great disc from a great band of super nice guys. And whats with all the homophobic macho insecurity in the reviews on this site? How does that add credibility to your review?

:Jun 21,2002 3:27pm - post by anonymous
im not a fan of this release, however if your into melodic music check it out, but personally i think its garbage

:Jul 3,2002 5:24pm - post by RustedAngel
bah, just seeing their name on the review list made me want to just post about how much PTW sucks my balls again!

:Aug 5,2002 2:03pm - post by RustedAngel
is carson TRL playing these guys yet?

:Nov 27,2002 10:46am - post by anonymous
FUCK ALL OF YOU!....SERIOUSLY...POISON THE WELL IS FUCKING AMAZING!..just because they don't kill 100 babies a second and don't suck, doesn't give you the right to say that they are all trip.

:Nov 28,2002 3:09pm - post by Spalding138 at
HA!!!!! amazing?! try amazingly inane. this cd fucking sucked ass. if you want some mellow, melodic releases... check out shadows fall's Of One Blood. those guys are AMAZING. poison the well sucks, they sucked up metal fest, and they will always be whining about stupid shit. i hope their singer gets drunk and chokes on his own vomit like the drowning pool vocalist. this cd gets an amazing score of 1,000,000 hunks of shit from my ass out of 10.

:Dec 12,2002 3:20pm - post by drew_04043 at
this is to all of you that have a problem with PTW.GOOD JOB!!!!. they suck the most desease infected hairy balls on the face of the planet, the only thing that theyre good for is attracting fagget punks to good concerts.To the person that made the baby comment go choke on your boyfriends chode!you are the one of the biggest fags ever and probably have a SUM41 cd in your coolection DO US ALL A FAVOR AND BE LESS OF A FAG!!!

:Dec 12,2002 6:27pm - post by anonymous
anyone who doesn't like this must be gay.

:Dec 24,2002 4:03am - post by anonymous

:Jan 4,2003 12:41am - post by anonymous
Dude fuck all of you guys, ptw fucking kicks ass, wtf makes u think that they're gay.. just because u can't play any music and u don't have a cd out, doesn't mean shit, and well if u don't like it, DON'T LISTEN TO IT, simple enough eh? u fuckin faggots. go suck ur mom's dick b4 u speak badly bout ptw... Bobby.

:Jan 8,2003 1:32pm - post by anonymous (SlipknotMaget15)
man fuck you poison the well kicks ass your just a little bitch that wants to heart and soul and bet you were the only one who was crying at metal fest

:Jan 9,2003 11:27am - post by anonymous
true....poison the well kicks ass.....they rule over all of you...and for the record shadows fall sucks dick

:Jan 9,2003 12:38pm - post by anonymous
Defintely a good album not as good as the first but still a good listen. You must not like emo-hardcore if u dont like PTdubs =) This isnt Lamb of God guys, its a different kind of music =P

:Jan 13,2003 2:27am - post by anonymous

:Jan 15,2003 4:25pm - post by anonymous
PTW is fucking rad! They kick the shit out of you little pussies who try and act all cool by telling people to suck each others dicks? I mean wtf? If you fags are so straight stop talking about dicks arlight? PTW is good but i like the first album better.

:Jan 16,2003 12:01am - post by anonymous (xpenisx)
this album is so brootal I can not believe it pig destroyer watch your back?! p.s. Aus Rotten rules!

:Jan 16,2003 1:01pm - post by anonymous (Your God)

:Jan 18,2003 8:13pm - post by anonymous
Jesus all these responses are fucking negative!

Doesn't mean that I don't disagree with em though heh.

Anyway, I think this genre has had its time, spitting out lyrics used to be cool and all but I'd prefer actually hearing them.

:Jan 21,2003 8:24am - post by anonymous
all i have to say is tear from the red was a great cd not as good as opposite of december or distance makes the heartgrow fonder but it was good but to all u fuckers who dis them u shuld just stop dising roll over and die ur just insacure pussies who dont now good music when u here it

:Jan 21,2003 2:52pm - post by anonymous
Another amazing cd from the guys of Poison The Well.

:Jan 23,2003 11:16pm - post by Hoser
Anyone else notice that all of the fags that like this puke-ridden, worthless, "I could fart better" cd are all signed "Anonymous?" Probably because they don't want anyone to know who it is that listens to this gay, SUM41 inspired CRAP. Listen ya'll...get some musical talent, and then try to hook up with an identity and you might see that this album is just a very shoddily written and worthless album. Tell you 10 years, you think anyone will remember this band??? Or will they remember SLAYER, and CANNIBAL CORPSE, and HATE ETERNAL??? Lemme know in 10 years you trendy mtv loving lamos....Carson Daly would be proud of you.....maybe WFNX will hook you up with a "meet the stars" vacation so you can hang out with these dipshits...Poison the Well...HA!!! Poison my Asshole...that's what I say.....back to your PB+J's with the crusts cut off kiddies......

:Jan 24,2003 8:08am - post by anonymous
ptw is tha shit!!

:Jan 24,2003 3:31pm - post by anonymous
Poison the Well deserves every inch of what they struggled for. They are an awesome band, and when it comes to screamo, they are "THE" band. Nobody can do it like these guys. I remember when these guys were still in high school. They got their shit together, put together all their money, and toured. NO sponsors, NO help what so ever. PTW. I respect you and you always have my good-blessings. On to the point, I think "Tear From The Red" is a step up for PTW. Not better than "The Opposite of December", not worse. Just different, but still sweet as shit. Thanks...............TheSick

:Jan 27,2003 6:03pm - post by anonymous
fuck anyone who cant respect this record for what it is. hardcore is dead, get over it.

:Jan 29,2003 2:47pm - post by anonymous (hon_duh2002)
LMFAO someone compared this to slayer or cannibal corpse? Get a clue dude, that shit's soo old. I even appreciate the two prior groups and own like, 3 slayer cds AND eaten back to life by CC, but I just don't see how you'd compare PTW to some old ass long hair dated shit like that?? get a clue, and realize that this is actually DIFFERENT and NEW, not the same old, we eat babies and love satan shit like seasons in the abyss or something... I'm not saying PTW is the best but come the fuck on... slayer and ptw are on COMPLETE opposite ends of the spectrum

:Jan 30,2003 4:47pm - post by anonymous
it doesn't sucks it just don't sound like they used to!

:Feb 5,2003 12:56pm - post by anonymous
uhhhh no one compared them to CC or slayer, dipshit. they were saying people will remember bands such as CC and slayer, and wont remember a shitty piece of shit shit band called PTW.... and i highly agree.... PTW can suck my balls

:Feb 6,2003 11:02am - post by anonymous
i think that poison the well is one of the best hardcore bands out there. bitch ass people that hate on them have to be jealous, or their just not smart enough to see that this band kicks ass. i will admit that its not as good as their first but it still FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

:Feb 9,2003 2:12pm - post by exhumed4death
shit...shit...shit shit shit shit shit. shit.

:Feb 11,2003 1:54am - post by bordersauce
i cant believe i just wasted my time reading every single one of those "reviews"! hahahaha!

:Feb 12,2003 6:13pm - post by anonymous
Poison the well is fucken awsome, cause u fags have ur mom sux on ur balls doesnt mean u have to dis it. Mandate to Heaven U fuckin Fags.

:Feb 13,2003 12:04am - post by TheGreatSpaldino
this shit is more disposable than the condom i used on each members mom

:Feb 13,2003 11:35am - post by anonymous

:Feb 16,2003 12:54pm - post by anonymous
hahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahah what a joke this cd is,theres not even one good song.

:Feb 16,2003 1:07pm - post by anonymous
haha ptw must really like the deftones,you fags! what a fake band.

:Feb 17,2003 3:50pm - post by anonymous
this is a really well done hard/emocore album in my opinion. whoever thinks just because jefferey may sing more than he did in "The Opposite Of December..." is sadly mistaken. actually listen to that album for once, his vocals have the same style of breakdowns. it's sad so many of you close minded trash metal douche bags think just because someone conveys their feelings through something besides grunts and screams is a poor cd. and as long as I see "this cd sucks" I'll always say this: SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO. becuase that's the simple truth, you're nothing more than faceless critics, and most wouldn't even know the first thing about writing or playing. 10 out of 10, end of story.

:Feb 17,2003 3:53pm - post by anonymous
and I'd like to add this: DEFTONES!? you've got to be shitting me. obviously you've never heard more than 30 seconds of ANY deftones song. you people are a joke.

:Feb 18,2003 1:29pm - post by mmordeg at
Poison the well has shown a tendency for emotional lyrics harsh contrast of musical flavor incredable energy and deep commitment to what they do. This album shows their potential shining through with their climactic transitions and leading patterns. It is important to look at the band and their album not for who they might sound like (for they are not a cover band) or why you can't respect them individually (they are not their CD or music thatas just immature) I think that musically this is a great work especially if not immediately compared to their ealier music. Bands change direction and that is good. Poison the well will always be who they are they are just showing another aspect of their art another view and perspective. its ok to not like it but don't be an ass about it and try to give a reason why you don't like it. - X

:Feb 18,2003 8:24pm - post by senshicat at
they came to fucking lynchburg. i know this Charlies Angels Frek Boy want to lick my choad lcking goodness. 8========D like my cock in yo mouth? il bet you do fag boy, mama fucking emo wanna be. i like the deftones even though they sound like they recorded their entire cd underwater on a talk boy. and cradle of filth screams so much better because they are speed metal and not death metal wannabe punk/emo/noisy fucks who did my mom/blik 18sum41311/dick shit.

hmm think i covered just about every insult used so far in this reviw board. also PTWbush is a christian band and they suck my penis cause they ar all fags and played with crappy christian bands. oh yeah for crying out loud sucks for playing with a bunch of homoerotic fuck ball slime whores like PTWbush.

so fuck off and blow me and someone give me some money cause i could use it cause id like to eat but i bought a shitty PTWbush cd and it tastes like shit and has no nutritional value and no vitamin b.

:Feb 20,2003 10:39am - post by anonymous (deathcore )

:Feb 21,2003 12:18pm - post by anonymous
poison the well is fuckin awesome...all a dick

:Feb 24,2003 12:27pm - post by TheGreatSpaldino
*eats a dick PTW style*

:Feb 25,2003 1:01am - post by anonymous
first of all, ptw's not emo. maybe there's some great melodies in the mix but it's not emo. and if you say they suck balls or whatever, you must be smokin' up on some bad shit cauz "tear from the red" KILLS. don't be a pussy, admit it. ptw is a great band, ya bunch a fuckers.

:Mar 7,2003 8:25pm - post by anonymous
PTW sucks ass, listen to some real fucking music you dickless bastards. PTW=TRL, simple as that. Look out Taproot, PTW is giving you a run for your money. \m/

:Mar 9,2003 12:15am - post by anonymous
definately think that the opposite of december(a season of separation) and that which makes the heart grow founder are better, but that doesnt make the album suck. they worked their ass off writing it, and went into the direction they wanted to with it and also sold an ass load of it. personally i like to change how our recordings sound, cause i get bored if we keep doing the same thing. the album was written very well musically, and for all who say they suck, theyre horrible musicians and shit like that dont know what the fuck theyre saying, cause we all fucking know they, either one dont have a band or two have a band that is going no where or are fucking terrible. and as for all the comments bout how theyre gay, and bout how they allll like to talk bout dick so much in their reviews, make me wonder if those reviewers are actually gay, theyre prolly just to scared to come out of the closet so instead of being what they truely are they take their insecurity about loving dick and use it to insult people. think bout it.

:Mar 11,2003 11:05am - post by anonymous
these guys would kill your mom and think nothing of it, maybe it's you guys that suck and don't know how to appreciate good hardcore when you see it

:Mar 11,2003 12:12pm - post by anonymous
okay...what is really sad and pathetic and shitty and terrible is not the poison the well cd. its all you douchebags that add reviews to cds of bands you dont like. thats pretty stupid if you ask me. if thats all you have to do with your time then i suggest you get another hobby. Losers. as far as a review goes, i do like ptw. granted, this cd is not very good and isnt a good followup to opposite of december, but there are a few tracks that are well written for melodic music.

:Mar 11,2003 10:44pm - post by anonymous
This fucking Cd got me into hardcore mother fuckers. You cuntrags don't know what the fuck you are talking about when you say it sucks. This is great fucking yeah, go fuck yourself PTW rules dipshits.

:Mar 11,2003 11:23pm - post by anonymous
PTW fucking rocks! If you dont like this type of music, fine, that doesnt necessarily mean it sucks! And, they arent trying to sound like anybody else. Poison the well sounds like poison the well, thats that. I dont see why you faggots who have nothing to do but hate on this band is wasting so much time dissing them, but hey you probably have nothing better to do. Bottom line this is a good c.d. by a good band who truley appreciates each and every fan of theirs. - Lynne

:Mar 13,2003 5:40pm - post by mpeschansky at
Personally, I think PTW is one of the best new hardcore bands. Right up there with unearth, shai halud & (old) cave in. See them live & you'll understand the anger & insanity of this band. The lyrics are a bit emo, but don't stupid heartless girls piss you off? They piss me off & apparently they piss jeff off too.

:Mar 13,2003 5:42pm - post by anonymous (mitch)
Personally, I think PTW is one of the best new hardcore bands. Right up there with unearth, shai halud & (old) cave in. See them live & you'll understand the anger & insanity of this band. The lyrics are a bit emo, but don't stupid heartless girls piss you off? They piss me off & apparently they piss jeff off too.

:Mar 17,2003 1:27am - post by anonymous
i think this band is gay... the lead singer looks like one of my friends... and he is heterosexually challenged... i think that this whole band loves the cock... and by loves the cock i mean that they spend more time sucking on weiners then they do singing into a microphone... and by that i mean that they are ghey... ghey is equivelent to gay squared...

:Mar 17,2003 11:14am - post by metal5411 at
I find it funny that people can actually come on to this website a write down in this public forum that they enjoyed this album. I agree with hoser, they are all "anonymous" because they can't take the ridicule of people who know what they are talking about. I really like The Opposite of December, I think its one of the better hardcore albums i own. But Tear from the Red was probably the most disappointing follow up I have ever seen. Do you listen to it wearing your gigantic baggy jeans that cover your sneakers and your Mudvayne hoodie that you bought at Hot Topic?. I thought so.

:Mar 17,2003 11:31am - post by anonymous
shitty follow up to there last cd ptw is still a great band they just need to get out of there money making state of mind. they already have a music video out and you can request them on mtv2 on

:Mar 17,2003 7:02pm - post by imsogay at
i think that their one of the best bands i have ever heard in my life... i would love to have sex w the lead singer... he is sooooo hott... damn... i love the cack by the way... wow... these guys are sooo cool... have you checked out his lats... they are like great... i am not afraid to give you my name... its jimmy and i love these guys... not afraid to say it... i would make out with them all if i could... wow i sound really gay... oh wait i am... haha... im sooo silly some times... so anyway... send me an email if you want... i love hearin from angry men... it turns me on...

:Mar 18,2003 10:09pm - post by anonymous (you shit talkers)
I hate to contribute to these stupid things but I must tell all you motherfuckers this and you probably fucking reading this on the computer mommy and daddy bought for your punk ass rich computer nerds. I'm not a PTW fan but you all make me fucking sick if all of you put half the effort that it took to write this bullshit into going to shows and trying to support the scene in general it wouldn't be in such poor fucking shape the way it is today and if you think that it means the amount that are going to shows WRONG the streagth lies in the mentality so next time PTW comes to your town walk your disgrace up to them and mutter your fucking shit and by the way if you think the scene is strong today you were not here 10 nor 2 years ago and you can shove your key board up your frail asses fuck every single one of you

:Mar 20,2003 7:22am - post by Jugie
PTW is the greatest band ever...if you don't' like this stuff you're just blind... Next cd is even beter... SLICE PAPER WRISTS

:Mar 20,2003 9:12pm - post by imnotgay at
i cannot stand homosexual people... you fucking fags should just shut your mouths... and stop putting penis' in them...

:Mar 20,2003 9:12pm - post by imsogay at
yeah well homosexual people like you... doesnt matter anyway... your prob. a closetcase anyway...

:Mar 21,2003 9:59am - post by anonymous
This is a fuckin great cd but Opposite of December is definitely better

:Mar 23,2003 5:56am - post by anonymous (DAN)

:Mar 23,2003 6:03am - post by D at
FUCKING NERDS had to review this album.

:Mar 24,2003 10:43am - post by anonymous
those of you who are so rude as to submit a review calling these guys fags and other cruel things should honestly get a life. if you think ptw sucks, then just say that you didn't like the album. in my opinon, ptw is fucking awesome and they are my favorite hardcore emo band and they work very hard to make such amazing music. i'm sure all of you could have better bands and such... because after all that is why YOU ALL HAVE YOUR OWN BANDS AND ARE LIKE THE GODS OF PUNK YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES
so fuck off and leave ptw alone. they deseve praise, not this stupid shit you cunts bitch about.

:Mar 24,2003 2:24pm - post by anonymous
enough with the gay jokes everyone that dogs another musican should burn in hell. these guys have some of the best 2 part guitar riffs ive ever heard and ive heard alot bitches, quit talking shit cause half of you couldn't do better. you know who suck's bands like disturbed, primer, linkin park, and the rest of the ya bands. ptw forever

:Mar 25,2003 1:41pm - post by portskate at
yeah, too bad i was really looking forward to this cd, but it fucken sucks a big fat dick. damn, i waited so long for it. i seriously thought it was deftones or some shit. as far as i am concerned poison the well is dead, and they are never coming back.

:Mar 25,2003 8:11pm - post by anonymous (AUTUMNTOASHES)

:Mar 26,2003 10:17am - post by Fetusup at
Ok....first of all i agree with the guys who say they suck,because it's true, that album blew monkey cock, although this one sucked the opposite of december was an "overall" good album it was made to mosh to, but yet have those singalongs...damn those emo attributes...Anyway i hate "hardcore" kids period....soo i'm geussin when that badass said that we don't like them because they don't sing about killing"100" babies and dont suck.......your just another stupid ass mongling scenesters i hate you fucking scenesters and i hope sean michaels...not the wrestler fucks you up the ass......Death Metal KICKS ASS and the reason you don't like it is because there probably singing about killing you and your stupid suburban little fucking siblings....Dying Fetus Rips a hole in any little hardcore band you have in mind,and Nile would make it even worse...Death-Heads need to rise up and start hitting hardcore kids barbed wire bats....FUCK OFF SCENESTERS

:Mar 26,2003 2:06pm - post by chaos2122 at
ok this is for all of you out there...poison the well fans or not. you people need to learn that if someone likes a kind of music, then thats their choice, if they dont, then thats fine too. but you guys dont need to be fucking ripping on each other like that. who cares who likes what...its about what YOU like. the fact that all you people that dont like poison the well would actually take the time to come here and rip on them is seriously retarded. why cant you just respect the fact that poison the well makes the kind of music that they want to make, and their fans listen to them cause they want to. you cant put peoples music in certain catagorys...its just their music. its how they feel about things. so who cares...if you dont have positive things to say, then dont waste your time bringing more stupid drama and shit into the god damn world. theres already enough.

:Mar 29,2003 7:49am - post by anonymous
Very plain and simple. They were trying to attract fans springing mainstreeminess to their music, as did shadows fall wit the art of balance with brians vocal change, the only thing between the two, i can play a poison the well song anyday on bass or guitar try doin that to shadows fall ha!

:Mar 30,2003 2:28pm - post by drew_04043 at
whatever retard decided to compare pig destroyer to ptw is stupid.

:Mar 30,2003 9:04pm - post by modestd23 at
for all of you who say PTW sucks......fuck your mothers.....these guys wail..period.
this album is ten times better than what ever
fashion core bullshit you jam to try and impress people.....

:Apr 1,2003 10:49am - post by anonymous
Yet again a bunch of fuck witts put down a good band because they dont sound like napalm deathe and morbid angel(not that they aren't fucking amazing) stuff, this albums quite good, not their best nor utter shite. Fuck those who cant appreciate good music when they hearn it even if its not their thing. Bow down to te fathers of hardcore - glassjaw, hopesfall and AUTUMN

:Apr 2,2003 7:58am - post by anonymous
hey you bastards! this is the shit guy!all you do is whinig about you and saying ' oh they're gay what a shame!'...and i thought hardcore was about tolerance...

:Apr 3,2003 5:23pm - post by anonymous
How can music do all these sexual things like blow monkeys, i just dont get it. I wish i was that lucky. Apoophanonagonisshiznitzelbamdoodleonsmat.

:Apr 5,2003 6:46pm - post by anonymous
FUCK YOU ALL!!! POISON THE WELL FUCKING ROCKS!!! obviously none of you have anything better to do than complain about how they are better than any of you will ever be cause thats all i'm hearing. they are a wicked band and deserve every bit of what they have achieved. SO FUCK OFF AND FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR WORTHLESS TIME!

:Apr 6,2003 9:42am - post by thegreatspaldino
ok... just because im fair i downloaded all of the track on this cd again and i listened to them all the way through and i came to this: this cd... FUCKING SUCKS. god damnit. how in the fuck could any of you think this is good hardcore? it has weak weak WEAK riffs, weak production, the vocalist sounds so far out of place because he is screaming but the band is aurally half assing it, the drumming is appropriately weak, and the pansy soft parts are mediocre to lackluster at best. now im an open-minded person when it comes to music but this cd is terrible. im sorry if this all conflicts with your biased opinions on PTW but this is horrible.

:Apr 8,2003 12:27pm - post by MrWong
Poison the well are the best new band around. So I don't know what all of you guys are thinking, this cd is fucking amazing and their is NO ONE around who can touch them.

:Apr 9,2003 3:57am - post by anonymous
These guys fucking rock and I cant wait to see them at the warped tour... for all of u who think these guys are no good.. EAT MY COCK.. they are a tight group with alot of talent and inspiration... they fuck up all the pussy emo shit out now adays.. and i like how they dont dress like total freeks and keep it real

:Apr 11,2003 11:24am - post by anonymous
It's just my humble opinion, but PTW is still my main band, they did seriously nice emo stuff on "the opposite of december" and now, they got even better by not staying with goodlife, indeed, they waited long to bring out their follow up, but IT OWNZ. Even more melodic, anyway, bad reviews suck for this one bunch of sissies, and im going to view them in antwerp next week !!! ha

:Apr 24,2003 1:54pm - post by Novak
Poisone The Well is by far one of the most inteligent bands I've heard in a LONG time. Amidst all the bubble-gum bullshit, you have actual substance (PTW). You fucking dummies have no idea what you're talking about. You think that MTV robs you of music. Just because there are more ears listening to it than you thought possible, you get scared that you'll be looked at by your peers as a MTV junkie. You're full of shit. It's all of you that suck! Especially if you walk out on, or automatically dismiss a band because of sudden popularity. Stand up for your selves. Trashing MTV is just as fashionable as following it. SHEEP! Poison The Well will show you ALL!

:Apr 25,2003 2:30am - post by thegreatspaldino
by "NO ONE" you mean "NO ONE except Opeth" ? because the way i see it... Opeth has everything on these guys. but i guess that since Opeth doesnt have that open CHUG CHUG CHUG breakdown crap you totally dismissed their musical superiority. i've said it twice and i will say it again. this album is crap. i give respect where it is due but this album does not deserve it.

:Apr 28,2003 11:23am - post by metal5411
Novac, you are a moron, nothing more. People don't trash MTV because they are scared of it, we trash MTV because it is shitty. They play shitty music on MTV, music that idiots like you tune in to see everyday. Just because it's popular doesn't make it bad, in this case the face that it sucks so very much makes it bad. And what will Poison the Well show us? Probably that they can continue to release albums worse than the ones that come before it. Tear From the Red is probably the worst follow up album I have ever heard and I am ashamed to say that I actually bought it. I did throw it away though - again, not because it is popular and all the teeny bopping pieces of shit listen to it, but rather because it is a SHITTY ALBUM.

:Apr 29,2003 12:13pm - post by anonymous

:Apr 30,2003 10:00am - post by anonymous (.com)
why dont u guys just go listen to atreyu

:Apr 30,2003 7:12pm - post by thegreatspaldino
already have... and hopefully never will again :-)

:May 3,2003 1:06am - post by anonymous
Poison the well is perhaps the worst bands I have ever heard, they could not play a deacent song if their useless lives depended on it. They are a worthless attempt to be slightly mainstream, just trying to get recoginition. It's bands like this that puts great music in a position that seems to have no future.

:May 6,2003 11:23am - post by anonymous
Y'all talk too much shit what the fuck makes u think that poison the well is a pussy emo band? u are fucking stupid..and sitting here saying that meshuggah is better than poison the well. what the fuck are you thinking.All Y'all who talk shit are worthless pieces of shit and think that y'all know shit but guess what y'all are fucking dumb.Shadows Fall is an ok band . Hopesfall is dope. Meshuggah fucking blows, and Lamb Of God aren't that impressive either.. If u knew music than u would prolly have a better comment for this album but y'all are some mindless fucks...Oh yah and u RUSTEDANGEL...are u icelandic or retarded..Dumb Bitch...

:May 6,2003 11:27am - post by anonymous
thegreatspaldino--You are one stupid motherfucker......Go buy the Avril Lavigne CD you fucking Cock Sucker

:May 6,2003 2:50pm - post by thegreatspaldino
ok... someone PLEASE tell me how this is brilliant. someone tell me what exactly did i miss when i listened to this cd analytically a few times. mr anonymous that likes to talk shit because he is all high and mighty because no one knows who he is, tell me how buying avril lavigne cd would make my taste in music any different. i probably listen to more genres of music then you do so i have a better, more educated opinion on how this cd nibbles the ball hair of a deceased donkey. how am i stupid? is it because i brokedown the album and came up with the same answer constantly? if thats stupid then you must think that scientists are stupid. fact of the matter is that this cd is terrible. they tried too hard to be deep and tried too hard to be beautiful when they are still just a lame hardcore band. if you want beautiful music listen to bands like shape of despair, november's doom, anathema, the mist and the morning dew, chalice, classical, yanni, norah jones, etc etc. not this piece of shit, poorly produced album.

:May 6,2003 10:53pm - post by anonymous (Greatspuldoni)
I for one agree with thegreatspaldino i think he really knows what he's talking about. The fact that some one can ever like this bombastic piece of garbage is a mystery to me. If you want good music get Stranglehold, by Ted Nugent, not this bullshit.

:May 7,2003 11:33am - post by metalkid313 at
good cd but def not as good as opposite of december and distance makes the heart grow fonder...they mellowed out a bit but still a decent cd

:May 10,2003 6:01pm - post by anonymous (blackhardcoregrindcoredeath)
dispite what you think of posion the well theve generated alot of fucking contriversy from both sides and weather you like em or not that is usally what makes up many good bands........its strange to see all you poeple that hate them spending so much time on how bad they suck its not going to fucking change anyhting

:May 13,2003 2:56pm - post by anonymous
ptw kicks ass just cuz they don't sing about killing your parents or crashing a car don't mean there pussys so shut the fuck up and have some respect.

:May 13,2003 7:23pm - post by thegreatspaldino
yep... i listen to bands that talk about crashing cars. my FAVORITE band is called "Demolition Derby" their best song by far has to be "Wham, T-bone slam, Thank you ma'am" oh... and i heard this album again not too long ago and it still fucking sucks.

:May 20,2003 2:25am - post by monkeywrench40 at

:May 23,2003 11:53am - post by anonymous
Monkeywretch, you are a moron. Shut up. PTW sucks, get over it. Anyone who tells someone that they deserve to be fucked with a sandpaper condom and then has the nerve to call THEM uncultured just deserves to be shot.

:May 24,2003 12:48am - post by anonymous
This was a REALLY bad followup album, Trustkill must have ripped their balls off in between albums.

:May 24,2003 6:23am - post by anonymous
A total crock of sucks the corporate cock even more than the first fucking shit.leave this one to the fucking shits who listen to pop and emo.cos its pure fucking shit.

:May 24,2003 3:31pm - post by anonymous
Ptw is the best band to listen to while I suck my
boyfriends big hairy balls. I'm a great big fag.
I burned a copy of the cd just so I could listen
to it while I shoved the copy up my ass.
I hope I can get them to play at the next gay pride parade. Keep the dream alive !

:May 27,2003 9:02am - post by anonymous
in the recent boom of melodic hardcore recently it seems like people are fighting over wether its good or not... this CD is very good for the area of music it gets lumped with... choosing dark harmonics over the emo melody of the first album makes this album altogether more serious and brooding effort, better riffs, better songs and no soppy crap here at all. buy now if you like your music played with heart and aggression.

:May 27,2003 11:10am - post by anonymous
This album is fucking pony.It has no agression and no skill.listing to this album is as much fun as finding out your dog has died.
Once again,PTW piss in the pool,this record takes no chances,and simply plays shitty emo.If they cudda afforded it they would have been on MTV.But they could not afford it,so not only do they rape children,but they are cheep.avoid like the plague and get some death metal in.

:Jun 3,2003 2:04pm - post by anonymous
I think ptw is the mad ho shit. They kick your moms balls off. All off you old school long haired, 1980's metal heads can suck my cock. Im not doggin on the old school metal but you fuckers need to get with the fuckin program and stop living in the past. Go get some fucking ear gages, cut your hair, and wear tighter shirts. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself and quit killing babies.

:Jun 3,2003 11:05pm - post by thegreatspaldino
but but but... killing babies feeds my urge to be a necropedophile :-(

:Jun 4,2003 6:45pm - post by xSDHx
It's already been stated that this album is not a great follow-up to The Opposite of December (A Season of Separation), but in my opinion, it's still good. Not incredible, but good. The music has high and low points. And after all, that's all this is, sharing opinions about the record. It's not right to call someone with different ideas about it "gay" or "a fag" or anything. They have a right to their opinion, but if someone posts a negative review just to be an asshole, then they have no business reviewing it. I mean, I can see why someone wouldn't like this record, considering this site is based on like black and death metal and the record is emotional hardcore, but if you hate the band, don't trash it. Say something that's legitimately wrong with it, not just "I don't like it because PTW is gay"

:Jun 6,2003 12:37pm - post by anonymous
PTW are a bunch of crappy muscians.and just like gary glitter,they touch kids.

:Jun 6,2003 4:12pm - post by fenrirzhammer at
POSER - fagets who give lip service to throbbing donkey cock,

DISSECTION would shit on thier shallow graves after Nordviet put 2 rounds in each of thier faget heads...

:Jun 14,2003 4:44pm - post by anonymous
Next years Linkin Park,one for all the 13 year old gimps out there.Complete fucking shit.Absolute shit.PTW are a bunch of useless fucking paedophiles.They should fuck off and die.Why the fuck is this emo shit the most reviewed Album on the site?Notice real music,like Today is the Day,and then realise that PTW are for little fuckwits with Linkin Park hoodies.

:Jun 16,2003 1:32am - post by anonymous
LOL anyone who says this band sucks,for one things if they suck so bad and you are so much better which fuckin store is your album in bitches and where can i buy the shit.You know i can say this shit to because hey my album is in the stores but these guys rule.Whoever said that shit about Shadows Fall,lol WTF them motherfuckers have a fuckin 80\'s guitar player with a damn growling bastard on vocals,them bastards suck ballsI mean im sure they are nice guys,but they are one of those band people listen to and say,how in the fuck did they get signed to a label i mean come on people wake up and realize the new music scene these guys are it.And dont even bullshit me about this being on MTV if you wer in a fuckin band do you honestly think you would want to stay underground hardcore playing for 500 people shows compared MTV,news shots,Pics 10 people show,come on bitches stop sucking the dick and move on bash on a band like the fuckin white stripes or something,there is only 2 people in the fuckin band ,thats not even a band good god.

Peace out and lots of love from a very special hardcore singer

:Jun 16,2003 1:59am - post by thegreatspaldino
and someone that failed english class freshman year...

but seriously... what does the fact that they are signed and have albums in stores have anything to do with their musical merit? oh wait... whats that word? ya know... that one is like no but is a little longer... oh yeah! NOTHING! there are tons of shitty fucking bands that get signed and that put out cds that you can buy in a store. so the fact that having a cd in a store means NOTHING. ok... can we have someone that is atleast a little intelligent defend this album? i mean... there have been two decent reviews that are all for this cd. the rest are "liek OMFGG this cd pwnz liek w00t!!!!11" or "PTW KICKS ASS LMFAO!!!1" i believe that i gave a fair review of this album before... now i ask that the rest of you to do the same whether you are pro or anti Tear From The Red.

:Jun 16,2003 11:30am - post by anonymous
Hard core is shit.Grind core rules.PTW are fucking shit.Complete fucking shit,shit,shit and did i mention that PTW are shit?

:Jun 17,2003 2:41pm - post by anonymous
this shit suuuucks.

:Aug 12,2003 11:33pm - post by xtornrootsx at
this shit does fucking blow. and whoever called ptw a screamo band is a fucking retard. go back to listening to slipknot you pussies.

:Aug 15,2003 11:49am - post by xblanex
I personally like this cd. But i guess poison the well is "gay". So I recommend this cd to "gay people".

:Aug 19,2003 8:48pm - post by anonymous
The only reason Cannibal Corpse will be remembered in a decade is because they're the absolute maximum of grotesque. Nothing more. Musically, they're shit. And what's wrong with punks? If you know what to look for, punk can be as good as metal. And if you use homophobia to back up your reviews, then you don't deserve to hear the album. I only needed to read a third of the reviews here to get a grasp of what fucking retards would dare bash Poison the Well.

I'm a metalhead, not a punk or hardcore lover, and I love Poison the Well. You can't truly hear the music if you're hooked on what other bands fall under the same genre. I love these guys for the same reason I love Opeth: they have a hypnotizing balance between beauty and grit in their sound. But get "The Opposite of December" instead; it's miles better.

:Aug 28,2003 3:07pm - post by anonymous
Ptw is pretty cool to mosh to. Good rythm to fuckin do some crazy ass jaw crackin' roundhouse kicks and shit. Some of the death metal pits (not all) are lame just the same double bass thoughout the whole song; you can't get as nuts.

:Sep 10,2003 9:25am - post by anonymous
fuck all you bitch ass haters who diss on ptw. i seriously doubt you have a band that is better. until i see you out there making better music, go fuck yourselves. you wish you had talent like ptw you fucking death metal kids. go burn churches and rape babies. if you hate them so much then why are you taking time out of your day to write something negative. get a life assholes.

:Sep 10,2003 10:45am - post by thegreatspaldino
hey hey now... i agree that saying "this album is gay!!!!" is stupid but seriously... this album fucking sucks. i have mentioned that i have listened to it numerous times and it just lacks anything that would pass it off as "good". this album isnt even mosh worthy for a hardcore kid. it is worthy of making me want to take a shit though... if that counts for anything =]

:Sep 21,2003 10:02pm - post by anonymous
poison the well fucking is badass...anyone else can suck their fucking dicks as well as mine.

:Sep 28,2003 9:11pm - post by anonymous

:Sep 28,2003 9:27pm - post by thegreatspaldino
LIEK OMFG!!1111 I W4S L00KIN 4 A PTW H00DI3 S0 I CAN B3 T3H C00LZ0RZ!!!!11111 ROFLMFAOO!!!!!!11111111

:Oct 10,2003 11:32am - post by anonymous
i loved their cd The Opposite Of December; this cd is just fucking pathetic. cant believe i wasted money on it.

:Oct 21,2003 5:00pm - post by ArucardtheKiller
I don't care what the fuck u guys say, Poison the Well kicks ass! This is not their best CD, BUT that does not mean that they suck! Just because your bands are sucking ass doesn't give you the right to blast this band! Oh and by the way, whose band is getting reviewed???OOOHHHH not yours, thats right. ASSHOLES!!

:Oct 22,2003 3:12am - post by thegreatspaldino
i dont see your band getting reviewed either... doesnt matter anyway... because getting reviewed doesnt make a band good or popular or anything... it just means that someone heard the material and decided to say something about it. oh and for your information... my band has been getting some pretty good reviews and we have something like 15,000 plays on so ummm, swallow rancid diarrhea =]

:Oct 23,2003 5:24pm - post by Beakey
This album is the fucking worst piece of shit I've heard in a while. These guys have completely mastered the art of sucking ass. If the Great Spaldino don't like ain't good.

:Oct 27,2003 9:47am - post by anonymous
this cd rocks as much as dust, and it sucks more cock than a dutch hooker on a friday night.

:Oct 29,2003 4:50pm - post by ArucardtheKiller
Alright, let us not fight amongst ourselves. Fine, some bands are good and some are bad....this review is for the PTW cd Tear From The Red....Just put a review about the cd. If u got anything to say about the band overall....send them a letter about it...and if u want to fight amongst yourselves, you can get on yahoo!, msn, aol, some kind of messenger and bitch to each other. By the way.....POISON THE WELL RULES!

:Oct 29,2003 9:12pm - post by anonymous
This C.D isnt as good as opposite, however it is still a great C.D. The hard and melodic mix is great. It goes with how I feel at times. angry but mellow at times. The new one "you come before you" is even better than the first 2. All you can suck dick, just beacuse you dont like them doesnt mean the band sucks! So fuck off! !

:Nov 4,2003 10:34am - post by anonymous
First off, what's with the homo stuff, and eat a dick comments? Since when was a guy's sexual preference considered in judging his music? Better yet, since when was sex ever a way to look at music? Music is it's own entity, it's not a fad or a trend. With that being said, Tear from the Red is the greatest possible follow up to Opposite of december, just because they are progressing as a band, and are throwing new techniques into their music doesn't mean they suck. God forbid they innovate. And stop comparing them to an emo band. If you want emo, go check out armor for sleep. And honestly, who compares them to shadow's fall? What's next Cannibal Corpse?

:Nov 4,2003 10:36am - post by anonymous
First off, what's with the homo stuff, and eat a dick comments? Since when was a guy's sexual preference considered in judging his music? Better yet, since when was sex ever a way to look at music? Music is it's own entity, it's not a fad or a trend. With that being said, Tear from the Red is the greatest possible follow up to Opposite of december, just because they are progressing as a band, and are throwing new techniques into their music doesn't mean they suck. God forbid they innovate. And stop comparing them to an emo band. If you want emo, go check out armor for sleep. And honestly, who compares them to shadow's fall? What's next Cannibal Corpse?

:Nov 4,2003 11:07am - post by thegreatspaldino
this album is still crap and the production is shit =]

:Nov 4,2003 1:01pm - post by anonymous
I hate the fact that the guitars are paper thin. And that the singer constantly sounds like hes trying to bust out a massive shit. maybe he was trying to pull out the next PTW album!

:Nov 12,2003 10:12pm - post by Spartasucks at
FUCk all of u who think poison the well is gay fucking fags this is an awsome band

:Nov 12,2003 10:16pm - post by Spartasucks at
thegreatspaldino i'll show u fucking shit

:Nov 12,2003 10:30pm - post by davee
Ok. PTW does not suck, just because they arent a big stoopid ass hardcore band like "DYING FETUS" "CANNIBAL CORPSE" "HATEBREED" or what the fuck ever you guys listen to. If any of you who have a band that is better than poison the well and puts more meaning into there songs , then you can prove it, and this doesnt apply to you, but all of you other people who just want to listen to "stab a virgin in the cunt" kinda stuff can fuck off. Your Stoopid ass bands dont have any true meanings to there songs 'Revolt!' 'Kill Someone' 'Sacrifice a small goat' Its bull shit they dont kill people. There fuckers. Atleast PTW can be emotional and Hardcore at the same fucking time and dont limit thereselves to being just straight up knuckle slamming hardcore music, there more diverse. I doubt anyone of you fucks can write a song better. Show some respect, there doing better than you. And all of this Selling out main stream stuff is just jealousy so why dont you stfu and go post on your dimmu borgir message boards or wtf ever.

:Nov 12,2003 10:30pm - post by anonymous
Anyone who says poison the well sux can suck a goats big slimy smelly stinky asswhole becuz poison the well is god

:Nov 13,2003 1:42am - post by thegreatspaldino
no need for you to show me shit Spartasucks... i already found some when i listened to this album multiple times =)

:Nov 13,2003 5:29pm - post by Spartasucks at
maybe if you would clean the cum out of your ears you could hear it you stupid fuck.

:Nov 14,2003 2:03am - post by thegreatspaldino
OH NO!!!! I DONT LIKE A CRAPPY ALBUM SO I MUST HAVE SEMEN CLOGGING MY EARS!!! why is your logic so... logical?! it just perplexes me greatly... please... take me under your wing so i can learn all you have to offer so that one day... i can hope to be as intelligent and tasteful as you. please?! =(

:Nov 14,2003 10:05pm - post by peaches
poison the well is one of the best bands out there but glassjaw is the#1 best ptw is #2 glassjaw is the cream of the crop dont get me wrong ptw kicks ass , you can relate to the words in there songs!!!!

:Nov 18,2003 6:33pm - post by anonymous
poison the well is a good band sorry if they dont talk about death and mutilating things but sometimes you should listen to music instead of looking at death and mangled fetuses

:Nov 18,2003 8:12pm - post by thegreatspaldino
ok... do you want me to post my playlist? I have more power metal, thrash metal, prog metal, oldies, video game music, jazz, classical, doom metal, Opeth, Anathema, and a billion other things than i do death metal. i have a diverse taste in music and a good musical ear. This album is fucking half-assed horse shit. as i have stated a million times... the album production is TERRIBLE, the song writing is barely adequate, the riffing is terrible, the mellow parts are ho-hum, the vocals are shit, and everything is just boring boring boring. get a fucking clue scenesters... this is not heavy, this is not pretty, and this is not GOOD. now I have an open mind as I have stated, I listen to anything really as long as it is GOOD. this release FAILS MISERABLY to produce anything that is worthwhile. Now, quit with the blind praise get some talent. maybe if you start playing music, you will realize that this album is deplorable. die =)

:Nov 20,2003 12:14am - post by anonymous
this goes out to all the lovers and haters of poison the well. i'm not saying this as friend but as a fan. my boyfriend (mike) went to highschool w/ jeff (lead singer) and he saw poison the well grow, which by the way they have worked there asses off day in and out, so they deserve every moment of fame that they can get there hands on. when i first heard PTW i fell in love with there music. it's the type of music we listen to when were in love, heartbroken, depressed, angry, sad, etc. i'm very picky when it comes to music but PTW gave me the gossebumps, which rarely happens now a days. so jeff if you ever read this it's marisol. powerful music doesn't grow on trees. PTW spent many hours written and playing so if you're a lover well done and if you're a haters i think it's time to open up and read some of the lyrics.
and STOP categorizing. see life for what it is not what others say. feel the music.

yours truly,
marisol or mike's g/f whatever makes u happy

:Nov 20,2003 6:45pm - post by peaches
lyrics are hardcore , music is badass... in general this band kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:Nov 20,2003 6:48pm - post by peaches
this band is not an emo band for the first review last i checked they were a staightedge band or am i wronge?

:Nov 21,2003 2:48pm - post by anonymous
first of all you can be straight edge and still be emo, PTW is one of those bands that is definatley bringing kids into the scene that have no clue what the fuck is going on. more fun for us, that just means more fights at the palladium! Go listen to the deftones and good charolette

:Nov 22,2003 11:12pm - post by anonymous
This album is alright. There was not really any way that PTW could come back with a CD better than the Opposite of December because that album was just about flawless. They could've done a hell of a lot better though. It's a very good album, but not up to the potential of Poison the Well.

:Nov 25,2003 8:18pm - post by anonymous
fuck u all ptw is fucking awesome suck my ass and go listen 2 ure gay little michael jackson cd's

:Nov 28,2003 4:12pm - post by ieatpunkers
this is probably the best hardcore album in the history of hardcore. its not the same as opposite of december, but its that difference that makes it even better than opposite. the hardcore and melodic parts flow together seamlessly, the lyrics are poetic and beautiful, and screaming/singing are just superb, not to metion that the riffs and breakdowns all kick ass. this album just shows the growth and evolution in this band, its something completely different, but in my opinion much deeper, complex, and more beautiful.

:Dec 5,2003 12:10am - post by chickenmandeath at
Fuck you all poison the well is amazing. That mother fucker can scream the fuck out of anyone and sing like a fucking god. Who the fuck do they sound like? They sound like poison the well. Opposite of december was good but tear from the red is so much better. Harcore fucking sucks ass anyways. Fuck you all Poison the well can never be topped by any other band. So go listen to your fucking stupid ass hardcore which is just fucking twisted death metal played by preps fuck you at least poison the well is talented

:Dec 7,2003 12:34am - post by terminaldisease
This band suck at there lame attempt to sound hard, their whining is so annoying who ever the fuck called this band hard they suck ass the one word that comes to my mind to descrive this band is lame. Not to mention they sound like comercial dipshits.

:Dec 8,2003 6:33am - post by anonymous
PTW r fukin fresh, not dated bull-shit thatll b remembered 4 being wack n havin lame song titles like CC. Ur all scared at any atempt of anything in the fukin past

:Dec 10,2003 11:44am - post by jackass2002 at
P.t.w. seriously owns.. if u ppl don't like it then just dont comment..this is THE BEST hradcore band around,tear fromthe red was an awesome cd, almost as fuckin awesome as opposite of december.ottom line ptw owns u and ur fuckin family no doubt.

- dustin

:Dec 10,2003 12:08pm - post by veronicawolf_10 at

:Dec 11,2003 4:09pm - post by anonymous
All the reviews spouting "fag" this and "gay" that make you sound really stupid. I've never even heard this album, I'm only posting because I was pretty appalled by all the homophobic rhetoric on this board. And I'm hetero. If that's how you feel , fine, but spouting off makes you sound very unintelligent.

:Dec 11,2003 7:33pm - post by thegreatspaldino

:Dec 13,2003 8:23am - post by metaluk
Hi there, I am interviewing Poison The Well next week, so if you have any questions that you would like me to put to the band then post here. But please keep it brief!



:Dec 13,2003 9:47am - post by anonymous

:Dec 13,2003 11:20am - post by thegreatspaldino
ask them why their last two albums have sounded like complete trash. also ask them why their albums have such horrible production. also ask them why they dont have any balls and why they arent heavy.

:Dec 26,2003 5:34pm - post by anonymous
why are you all still bitching about PTW. This album is old anyway, shut up. just listen to something else and shut up

:Dec 28,2003 8:11pm - post by anonymous (swamplorddvm)
METAL kicks "hardcores" faggy ass!!!

:Jan 2,2004 8:04am - post by anonymous
this album is light walking down the street and seeing a tramp. It stinks and you wish you hadnt seen it. well poison the well are these tramps, except these tramps touch kids.

:Jan 18,2004 4:23am - post by anonymous

very cool.

very, very cool.

nicest bunch of guys i ever met as well.

:Jan 19,2004 10:02am - post by anonymous
go to for free broadband, useful for music downloads!!!

:Jan 19,2004 11:38am - post by JellyFish
Now, Ive not heard any of their other albums, or at least i cant remember. But this is pretty bad. And as far as the people who think they are the "best hardcore band", take a listen to Unearth, Byzantine, Diecast, With Honor, Most Precious Blood, All That Remains, and the list could go on forever.

:Mar 27,2004 5:09am - post by anonymous

:Apr 3,2004 12:15pm - post by succubus

poison the well interview

:Apr 10,2004 11:47am - post by anonymous
this is PTW's worst album, I barley listen to it. But all you people who are dissing them, seriously, you need to hear songs from "distance makes the heart grow fonder" and "opposite of december". Gaurenteed no emo at all in those albums, both are fucking raw kick you in the balls hardcore.

Their new album also sucks, but its better than tear from the red. its too bad they went emo.

:May 13,2004 9:32pm - post by anonymous
itsoktocrycore sucks horse cock.....

:Jun 19,2004 4:31am - post by anonymous
A few thousand fat suburban kids in AN hoodies can't be wrong.

:Oct 22,2004 8:29am - post by anonymous
wow this is the shittiest follow up cd ive heard by them...dissapointing -.-

:Oct 22,2004 8:30am - post by anonymous
its also down there with u comes before u (boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!)

:Oct 22,2004 5:51pm - post by Devin
Opposite of December was the best basic hardcore CD ever. This follow-up is pigshit. People, before judging this band, hear the previous album!

:Oct 23,2004 4:25am - post by anonymous
this is absolute fucking gay crap.

:Dec 8,2004 4:58pm - post by anonymous
To AllanHoldsworth maybe u can play them, but u cudnt write them so shut up - and unless u r left handed, ud play the riffs with ur left hand neway retard

:Dec 14,2004 5:01am - post by anonymous
Go to for an amazing review site!

:Dec 14,2004 9:28am - post by malettey edited Dec 14,2004 9:32am
i gotta bitch for a minute.....a lot of fuckers reviewing this album are yelling a bunch of shit along the lines of "metal kicks hardcore's ass" "metal rules, hardcore sucks" "metalheads are better than hardcore kids" blah blah blah.....i think these comments are fucking retarded because if it weren't for hardcore, metal would not have become what it is today.

now don't get me wrong, i think poison the well sucks, all bands that sound like them suck, a LOT of hardcore bands suck, and a LOT of metal bands suck. also i am sickened by all the faggoty posing and posturing and fashion trends, and the whole "tough guy" attitude from both hardcore and metal fans alike.
i'm just saying that its stupid to bash hardcore or metal music completely because these days the 2 are very much interchangeable, and draw lots of inspiration from one another. if it weren't for either one of them, both genres wouldn't be the same today.

:Mar 11,2005 11:34am - post by anonymous
who the fuck is the fagget that typed in shadows fall sucks dick your a fagget you like this hardcore crap and your trying to make fun of a band that is actully good.

:Jun 5,2005 7:53am - post by anonymous
How can such a mediocre album stir up all this bullshit? Opposite Of December was much better, i was disappointed sure, but theres no point getting angry. Oh, I forgot, thats what teenagers do isnt it? Go and bitch about some real problems. Hardcore wouldn't be around it if weren't for metal, now most metal bands have a bit of hardcore in them, thery're the same thing; what do you think MetalCore is!? Also; if you don't like something DON'T LISTEN TO IT! We should all be joining forces to do something about really really shit music that infects our tvs and radios. Not each other. Think about it. Peace. Now heres the point where all the little kids get all sweary cos they know i'm right....................

:Sep 22,2005 2:18pm - post by anonymous
They're pretty good. I must admit it was kind of a disapointing follow-up. but if you say you can play it left handed, WHY THE FUCK ARENT YOU? WHY THE FUCK ARENT YOU FAMOUS LIKE THESE GUYS IF THEY "SUCK SO BAD" tell me that you little punks. I thought so.

:Nov 5,2005 3:31pm - post by anonymous


:Jan 3,2006 1:33am - post by anonymous
I personally love PTW and this album. I think it is a very different sounding album then Opposite of December. It is still very good none the less. These guys are very talented musically so to bash really is just ridiculous. If you don't like their music, fine, it's not everyone's cup of tea. But to bash them for any other reason is just flat out retarded. But thats the way it goes in the music biz, there will always be mindless haters no matter what you do. idiots

:Jan 14,2006 3:04pm - post by anonymous
shut the fuck up haters

:Mar 30,2006 11:12pm - post by anonymous
i think drew_04043 at needs to learn how to spell before he goes shootin off at the mouth. desease, is that a new word or are you a fucking moron. i guess we know who didn't win a spelling bee in the 2nd grade. this is a good album, all of the pieces of shit who said a bunch of homophobic nast shit about it should just keep there mouths shut. if you didn't like it, oh well! say your peace and be on your way. enough with the macho"i am more metal than you are crap" you guys probably sucked on your moms tits until you were 23.

:Mar 31,2006 10:40am - post by anonymous
amazing, all PTW is amazing.

:Apr 12,2006 11:44am - post by anonymous (BOBNOMAAMROONEY)
A big sack of gay

:Aug 20,2006 2:38pm - post by anonymous
this website and these reviews suck. i'm outta here.

:Apr 15,2007 11:58pm - post by anonymous
It is funny to come back to this cd a few years after its release. I personally love the album because for this band it got past all of the chugga chugga bullshit of the hxc genre. On top of that, for anyone to say this album lacks talent is ridiculous. You should listen to the voicings of the chords and the melodies they pull out of everything they play. The guitarists are quite good, and they are tight as a unit. And what the fuck, can you really not think of a better synonym to stupid then gay? You show your ignorance with those statements.

:Apr 18,2007 8:52am - post by anonymous
You're mostly all dickheads... this seriously is a good cd. And you being PTW fans shouldn't judge them or put crap on them. They don't play music to make you suck their cocks. They do it because it makes them happy. They are a very experimental band and they make great songs.

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