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Date Added: Apr 14, 2002 Reviews 14 Views 11621
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Band:In Flames [add link] [band profile
Label:Nuclear Blast [add link]
Tracks: 01. Embody The Invisible 3:37
02. Ordinary Story 4:16
03. Scorn 3:37
04. Colony 4:39
05. Zombie Inc. 5:05
06. Pallar Anders Visa 1:41
07. Coerced Coexistence 4:14
08. Resin 3:21
09. Behind Space 99 3:58
10. Insipid 2000 3:45
11. The New Word 3:18
Clad In Shadows 99
Man Made God

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In Flames
Reviews and Comments: (add review)
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:Apr 19,2002 7:06pm - post by anonymous
I fucking love this cd! The only thing better than listening to this cd is seeing them live. Fucking great shit!

:Apr 27,2002 5:18pm - post by DaveyHavoc
It's good, but it's no 'Whoracle'.

:May 19,2002 6:20pm - post by AllanHoldsworth
This motherfucker can be summed up in a single word.

\m/ RIGHTEOUS \m/.

If you dig the the power/swedish shit then you obviously already own this. Very, very close to perfection. Get down on your knees, turn your face to the sky and play those fucking air-guitar solos!

:Dec 9,2002 6:34pm - post by anonymous
One of their best for sure, but I don't think it tops Clayman or Whoracle.

:Oct 31,2003 4:05pm - post by anonymous
I live for this stuff! this is a fucking amazing record, Zombie inc kicks so much fucking ass. Amazing stuff, i love it!

:Dec 30,2003 11:34am - post by anonymous
This is the best In Flames album by a mile, total shit kicking riffs and ace bass. The best songs by a mile, totally kills whoracle, which is probably their crappest release.

:Dec 30,2003 2:49pm - post by anonymous
yeah, colony is definetly In Flames BEST ALBUM... jester race-colony are all amazing, but Colony is just ridiculous

:Apr 15,2004 2:47pm - post by love2hate
this album is inflames' masterpiece. this album showed that drummer bjorn geolette was an even more talented guitarist than he was a drummer. from EMBODY THE INVISIBLE through THE NEW WORLD it will keep you listening

:Dec 22,2004 10:55am - post by RustedAngel
Just spinned this disc for the 1st time in a while. Still a fucking kickass album. Definetly In Flame's prime!

:Dec 22,2004 6:57pm - post by Abbath

:Dec 23,2004 12:37pm - post by Christraper
haha yea dude. give me carcass.

:Jun 3,2005 8:50pm - post by anonymous
This cd just shows why In Flames is the best metal band in the world. And as far as I'm concerned this is their best album.

:Dec 24,2008 10:47am - post by anonymous
The Jester Race is hands down their best album, Colony is alright, worth owning.

:Feb 23,2010 2:42pm - post by anonymous
id say my 2nd or 3rd fav in flames album, but whoracle is #1 to me, i say this ties with clayman. But still a great album.

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