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Date Added: Jan 10, 2003 Reviews 11 Views 7916
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Band:Devourment [add link] [band profile
Title:Molesting the Decapitated
Label:United Guttural [add link]
Categories:Brutal Death Metal
Tracks:1. "Festering Vomitous Mass"
2. "Postmortal Coprophagia"
3. "Choking On Bile"
4. "Molesting The Decapitated"
5. "Self Disembowelment"
6. "Fucked To Death"
7. "Devour The Damned"
8. "Shroud Of Encryption"

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:Jan 10,2003 3:51pm - post by skinless
Is the first and last full lenght album from Devourment.These are the eight songs from "1.3.8"!
Very good Brutal stuff!

:Jan 10,2003 4:18pm - post by xPaulBLAHBLAHx
Absolutly crushing album, this album reigns supreme in slam styled brutal death. ultra gutteral vocals downtuned guitars and drums that will crush everything. Also this is not their last full length they have reformed and have been playing shows like crazy, and they will be recoring very soon. If you dont own this album get it now it is the best brutal death album ever recorded.

:Feb 4,2003 9:49am - post by anonymous
imagine your testicales getting slammed by a concrete block, thats devourment. txdm reigns surpreme

:Feb 14,2003 7:16pm - post by anonymous
The artwork inside the booklet sucks,and the lyrics could be a little better,but overall this is a great album any death metal fan should own.But theres better stuff out there,like avulsed for example,or malignancy.

:Jul 14,2003 3:23am - post by anonymous
Devourment shits on avulsed, and Malignancy is much more repetitive. Devourment definitely set the standard high in guttural vomiting, and all out slam death metal. One of the best discs ever.

:Sep 8,2003 4:59am - post by GutturalTexage
Just before September hit in 2003 Devourment split up again. This is the 2nd time. And they official site is now gone. The new unofficial site will be for now new url later.
I have a bunch of concerts from them on vhs if anyone is interested. is the url to my list. Anything you got you dont see on my list ill pay top dollar for. Hail Devourment, especialy the original line up.

:Sep 8,2003 4:09pm - post by Blue
the best slam riffs i have ever heard, along with the fastest hyperblast i have ever heard on choking on bile. awesome stuff.

:Sep 8,2003 8:37pm - post by anonymous
overall a good cd, but i think they may have over used the vocals a little to much. besides that some of the greatest slams and pit riffs i have ever heard. i wish i could hear the bass a little better but besides that a awesome brutal death metal buy.

:Jan 3,2004 3:05am - post by kyleisrad
a cool cd, but listen to hte first song and you are out cold, just plain boring,nothing to cool to catch your attention, just a decent death metal cd.

:May 19,2004 4:49pm - post by anonymous (malettey)
this CD is okay, i think these guys sound like cock and ball torture only a little faster. this isn't something i'd want to buy and keep and listen to a lot, because the vocals get kind of irritating after a while, they are very very low and very gutteral....some higher pitched screams may have helped to balance the growls out. also, the songs have some pretty cool breakdowns, but every song has multiple breakdowns so the music gets very repetitive. after a few tracks. overall its kinda fun to listen to, but to me, this isn't really worth buying.

:Jun 26,2005 8:09pm - post by exhumed4death
I cant believe that anonymous guy called malignancy much more repetitive, he obviously knows less than shit about guitar

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