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Date Added: Jun 18, 2003 Reviews 14 Views 5791
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Band:Judas Priest [add link] [band profile
Label:Columbia [website]
Categories:Heavy Metal
Hell Patrol
All Guns Blazing
Leather Rebel
Metal Meltdown
Night Crawler
Between The Hammer & The Anvil
A Touch Of Evil
Battle Hymn
One Shot At Glory
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Judas Priest
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:Jun 18,2003 7:26am - post by anonymous
Probably the best heavy metal album of all time. Rob is more powerfull than ever,breacks are killer and all the songs are incredible. If you like heavy metal you must have this album.

:Sep 6,2003 7:58pm - post by retzam
AMAZING FUCKING ALBUM! It is worth getting this album for the title track alone. But all the other songs are great too (All Guns Blazing, Metal Meltdown, Night Crawler, and Beween the Hammer & The Anvil in particular.. Also, the liner notes are humorous (It lists both Tipton and Downing as "Lead Guitar", not "Lead/Rythym Guitars". Also, it as a credit section for the Lead Breaks. Haha, yea that is pretty cheesy, but they are really good breaks, so they can do whatever the fuck they want. Also, Rob Halford's voice is fucking great on this album (I dont normally like falsettos but his kicks ass). ROCK ON PRIEST!

:Mar 19,2004 11:38am - post by anonymous
how the fuck did this get here? oh well,this is crap,with weak playing, helium halford and a disgraceful display of lead guitar blundering. A crap record from the worlds most homoerotic band.

:Jul 20,2004 2:44am - post by retzam
And hiding behind the "anonymous label" again. Do you spit or swallow sweetheart?

:Jul 20,2004 9:09am - post by Christraper edited Jul 20,2004 12:28pm
This is Judas Priest at the peak of their talent with Rob Halford. Every song on this album with the exception of "touch of evil" is a fuckin powerhouse filled with quality vocals and killer solos. AND ANY ANONYMOUS DOUCHEBAG WHO SAYS OTHERWISE WOULDNT KNOW WHAT METAL WAS IF IT CRAWLED UP HIS ASS AND EXPLODED!!!!!!!

:Sep 28,2004 6:03pm - post by Devin
How can you like metal and not like this cd? Seriously. What a fag.

:Sep 28,2004 8:52pm - post by anonymous
Maybe this album is instrumentally good but along with king diamond Rob is one hell of an obnoxious vocalist and no i'm no homophobe i just hate rob's voice

:Sep 29,2004 9:29am - post by Christraper

:Sep 29,2004 5:03pm - post by anonymous
No he sucks King diomand sounds like he's got a dick shoved down his throat

:Sep 30,2004 9:30am - post by Christraper
KING DIAMOND IS THE KING YOU ANONYMOUS HOMO! Maybe thats what you sound like with a dick in your throat but when i saw King Diamond live I dont remember seeing any dicks in his mouth.

:Sep 30,2004 5:52pm - post by metalmatt666
King Diamond/Mercyful Fate are both great bands but I hate king diamond his voice is just well obnoxious When I hear them play some really good guitar riff and then he comes in screaming like a seven year old bitch I just want to shoot the stereo i'm sorry he just fucking sucks

:Mar 5,2005 12:47pm - post by metalmatt666 edited Mar 5,2005 12:48pm
well its been a few months and i have changed my mind about king diamond he's fucking great but this album is okay its not terrible but if you people think this is the greatest album ever you need to get out more often I mean its okay but nothing special drums are pretty good but nothing we havn't heard before and as for these so called AMAZING guitar solos it's nothing any Testament Album couldn't easily top so good metal album yes but best of all time far from it

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