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CDs from the label Metal Blade

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reviews 7/views 7297
"Spiritual Healing"
Metal Blade

reviews 2/views 6119
Metal Blade

reviews 2/views 7284
"Chaos Fury"
Metal Blade

Band Name
Record Label
40 GritNothing to rememberMetal Blade2003-03-110
All That RemainsBehind Silence and SolitudeMetal Blade20023
Amon AmarthVersus the WorldMetal Blade2003-01-222
Amon Amarthonce sent from the golden hallmetal blade19941
AncientProxima CentauriMetal Blade20010
Armored SaintA Trip Thru Red Times DVDMetal Blade2003-02-110
Armored SaintA Trip thru Red Times - DVDMetal Blade2003-02-110
As I Lay DyingFrail Words CollapseMetal Blade2003-07-0110
AtheistElementsMetal Blade19932
AtheistUnquestionable PresenceMetal Blade19914
Beyond the EmbraceAgainst the ElementsMetal Blade20025
Bolt ThrowerThose Once LoyalMetal Blade2005-11-040
Bolt ThrowerHonour-Valour-PrideMetal Blade20023
Bolt Throwerwho dares winsMetal Blade19981
Bolt ThrowerMercenaryMetal Blade19980
Bolt Throwerfor victoryMetal Blade19941
Bolt ThrowerThe IVth CrusadeMetal Blade19920
Bolt ThrowerWarmasterMetal Blade19910
Bolt ThrowerCenotaphMetal Blade19910
Bolt Throwerthe Peel SessionsMetal Blade19900
Bolt ThrowerRealm of ChaosMetal Blade19892
Cannibal CorpseThe Wretched SpawnMetal Blade2004-03-259
Cannibal CorpseWorm InfestedMetal Blade2002-10-172
Cannibal CorpseGore ObsessedMetal Blade200210
Cannibal CorpseLive CannibalismMetal Blade20002
Cannibal CorpseBloodthirstMetal Blade19992
Cannibal CorpseGallary of SuicideMetal Blade19987
Cannibal CorpseVileMetal Blade199611
Cannibal CorpseThe BleedingMetal Blade19947
Cannibal CorpseHammer Smashed Face (single)Metal Blade19935
Cannibal CorpseTomb of the MutilatedMetal Blade199220
Cannibal CorpseButchered at birthMetal Blade19919
Cannibal CorpseEaten Back to LifeMetal Blade19906
CatastrophicThe CleansingMetal Blade20010
Cattle Decapitationto Serve ManMetal Blade200211
Cradle of FilthPanDaemonAeon - DVDMetal Blade2003-02-251
cradle of filth from the cradle to enslavemetal blade19993
Dark FuneralVobiscum SatanasMetal Blade19982
Dark FuneralSecrets of the Black ArtsMetal Blade19974
DeathSpiritual HealingMetal Blade19907
DeathLeprocyMetal Blade19886
Deicidestrength of redemptionMetal Blade2006-12-070
Dies Iraethe sin warMetal Blade2002-09-240
EngineSuperholicMetal Blade20020
Fates Warningthe view from here - DVDMetal Blade2003-02-250
Fates WarningA view from here - DVDMetal Blade2003-02-110
FleshcrawlSoulskinnerMetal Blade20021
God DethronedInto the Lungs of HellMetal Blade2003-03-251
GWARViolence Has ArrivedMetal Blade20018
GWARCarnival of chaosMetal blade19972
GWARRagnarokMetal Blade19952
GWARAmerica Must Be DestroyedMetal Blade19926
Hecate EnthronedThe Slaughter of InnocenceMetal Blade1997-10-210
ImmolationClose to a world belowMetal Blade2000-11-071
ImmolationFailures for godsMetal Blade19991
ImmolationHere in AfterMetal Blade19961
In ExtremoSünder ohne ZügelMetal Blade20020
King DiamondAbigail II: The RevengeMetal Blade20022
King DiamondHouse Of GodMetal Blade 20000
King DiamondVoodooMetal Blade19980
King DiamondThe GraveyardMetal Blade19960
King DiamondThe Spiders LullabyeMetal Blade19953
King DiamondAbigailMetal Blade19872
King DiamondFatal PortraitMetal Blade19863
Lamb Of GodNew American GospelMetal Blade200010
Mercyful Fate9Metal Blade19990
Mercyful FateDead AgainMetal Blade19980
Mercyful FateInto the UnknownMetal Blade19960
Mercyful FateTimeMetal Blade19940
Mercyful FateTimeMetal Blade19940
RiotThrough the StormMetal Blade20020
six feet underMetal Blade2005-10-311
Six Feet UnderBringer of BloodMetal Blade2003-09-133
Six Feet UnderDouble Dead DVDMetal Blade2002-11-050
Six Feet UnderTrue CarnageMetal Blade200123
Six Feet UnderGraveyard ClassicsMetal Blade20004
Six Feet UnderMaximum ViolenceMetal Blade19998
Six Feet UnderWarpathMetal Blade19974
Six Feet UnderAlive and DeathMetal Blade19961
Six Feet UnderHauntedMetal Blade19954
SlayerReign in BloodMetal Blade19860
SlayerHell AwaitsMetal Blade19854
SlayerHaunting the ChapelMetal Blade19842
SlayerShow No MercyMetal Blade19834
Symphony XV- the new mythology suitmetal blade20001
The Black Dahlia MurderUnhallowedMetal Blade2003-02-2416
the black dahlia murderUnhallowedMetal Blade20035
The CrownCrowned of TerrorMetal Blade20023
The CrownDeathrace KingMetal Blade20005
The CrownHell is HearMetal Blade19980
The FallenFront Toward EnemyMetal Blade2002-09-100
The HeavilstbdMetal Blade2003-03-250
The Red ChordClientsMetal Blade2005-05-172
the_black_dahlia_murdernigger killingmetal blade2006-02-071
the_black_dahlia_murderMiasmaMetal Blade2005-06-1214
the_red_chordClientsMetal Blade 2005-05-172
TourniquetWhere Moth & Rust DestoryMetal Blade2003-03-250
Unearththe oncoming stormMetal Blade2004-06-295
VaderBlood/Reign forever worldMetal blade20034
VaderRevelationsMetal Blade20025
Various Artist20 year AniversaryMetal Blade2002-10-220
VehemenceHelping the world to seeMetal Blade20041
VehemenceGod Was CreatedMetal Blade200235
VehemenceMetal Blade DemosMetal Blade20011
VomitoryChaos FuryMetal Blade20022
VomitoryBlood RaptureMetal Blade20020
Winter SolsticeThe Fall Of RomeMetal Blade20050
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