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  • :High Command
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 2,2018 3:17am  [link]
    this show got crazy....

    Sep 1, 2018 Ralph's (Worcester, MA)
    crazy_bull - 2018-09-01
    Crazy Bull(51)
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    face_paint - 2018-09-01
    Face Paint(59)
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    glacial_hell - 2018-09-01
    Glacial Hell(34)
    flash animated slider show
    high_command - 2018-09-01
    High Command(166)
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    randomshots - 2018-09-01
    flash animated slider show
    ritual_blade - 2018-09-01
    Ritual Blade(77)
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    :The Cryptics 10th anniversary show
    post by the_reverend @ Aug 25,2018 11:46pm  [link]
    I had wanted to photoshop that picture, but my computer is bring a jerk. Anyhow, this show was great. I almost didn't go, but I'm glad that I did. It was over in under 4hrs and made me want to shoot more shows. I haven't shot a show since the deceased show last month. This had the vibe that I'm missing from my life. Yes it was at the DBH, but it had that basement show feeling to it that I love. As jonee says DIY or die.
    Aug 25, 2018 Dover Brickhouse (Dover, NH)
    jonee_earthquake_band - 2018-08-25
    Jonee Earthquake Band(109)
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    the_cryptics - 2018-08-25
    The Cryptics(225)
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    timeout_for_timmy - 2018-08-25
    Timeout For Timmy(76)
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    uncle_spudd - 2018-08-25
    Uncle Spudd(50)
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    :Deceased 50th birthday!
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 8,2018 3:46am  [link]
    :Of Feather and Bone, Tom Mold, and GOG
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 25,2018 12:51am  [link]
    :Sdc, Viscera Infest, pulmonary fibrosis, mucophagus
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 1,2018 9:25am  [link]
    :Integrity in Boston!
    post by the_reverend @ May 30,2018 2:17am  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest XVI 2018 day four
    post by the_reverend @ May 28,2018 12:34pm  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest XVI 2018 day three
    post by the_reverend @ May 27,2018 4:27am  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest XVI 2018 day two
    post by the_reverend @ May 26,2018 4:33am  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest XVI 2018 day one
    post by the_reverend @ May 25,2018 3:38am  [link]
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    Pat O'Brien of Cannibal Corpse arrested Dec 11, 2018 
    RIP Carsten Otterbach (Morgoth) Dec 3, 2018 
    RIP Erik Lindmark (Deeds Of Flesh) Nov 29, 2018 
    RIP Dustin Mracek (ex Rezinate) Nov 27, 2018 
    Deceased stream new album Ghostly White Nov 14, 2018 
    Tengger Cavalry Announce North American Tour Oct 17, 2018 
    GOROD streams new album Oct 17, 2018 
    Oli Herbert (all that remains) passes at 44 Oct 17, 2018 
    VREID stream their new album, Lifehunger Sep 27, 2018 
    HORRENDOUS stream new album, Idol Sep 25, 2018 
    GOROD posts new track Sep 21, 2018 
    Johan Lngquist back in Candlemass 32 years later Sep 5, 2018 
    WEEDEATER Drummer Carlos Denogean Passes Away Aug 25, 2018 
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