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returntothepit >> discuss >> "Smashachusetts" Fest - July 14th, 5 highland park ave, hudson ma by JonahBloodbath on Jul 6,2005 12:33am
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Jul 14, 2005 Roller Kingdom - lasertag stage (Hudson, Ma)
akela - 2005-07-14
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as_long_as_were_all_living_were_all_dying - 2005-07-14
As Long As Were All Living Were All Dying(29)
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as_long_as_were_all_the_hound - 2005-07-14
As Long As Were All The Hound(29)
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a_loss_for_words - 2005-07-14
A Loss For Words(21)
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bloodletter - 2005-07-14
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death_to_tyrants - 2005-07-14
Death To Tyrants(21)
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dying_for_it - 2005-07-14
Dying For It(40)
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manx - 2005-07-14
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protokoll - 2005-07-14
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randomshots - 2005-07-14
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the_chinese_stars - 2005-07-14
The Chinese Stars(37)
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the_heuristic - 2005-07-14
The Heuristic(55)
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the_hound - 2005-07-14
The Hound(62)
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trinity_test - 2005-07-14
Trinity Test(61)
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Jul 14, 2005 Roller Kingdom - main stage (Hudson, Ma)
darkbuster - 2005-07-14
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on_the_surface - 2005-07-14
On The Surface(33)
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read_yellow - 2005-07-14
Read Yellow(67)
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sparrows - 2005-07-14
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therefore_i_am - 2005-07-14
Therefore I Am(48)
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they_and_the_children - 2005-07-14
They And The Children(7)
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the_superspecs - 2005-07-14
The Superspecs(29)
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will_brierly_and_the_roller_holsters - 2005-07-14
Will Brierly And The Roller Holsters(13)
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Jul 14, 2005 Roller Kingdom - second main stage (Hudson, Ma)
a_trillion_barnacle_lapse - 2005-07-14
A Trillion Barnacle Lapse(11)
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francine - 2005-07-14
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kevin_devine - 2005-07-14
Kevin Devine(11)
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mary_lou_lord - 2005-07-14
Mary Lou Lord(20)
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Steel Train(16)
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the_city_on_film - 2005-07-14
The City On Film(12)
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the_number_twelve_looks_like_you - 2005-07-14
The Number Twelve Looks Like You(59)
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tides - 2005-07-14
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toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Jul 6,2005 12:33am
Smashachusetts Fest!
July 14th, 5 highland park ave, hudson ma

Set Times
Stage 1 (main stage alternating stage)
12:15- The Lipstick Massacre
1:05- Malibu Heights
1:55- The Flaming Tsunamis
3:10- Sparrows
4:00- Will Brierly and The Roller Holsters
4:50- They and The Children
5:40- On The Surface
6:40- Read Yellow
7:40- The Superspecs
8:40- Therefore I Am
10:00- Darkbuster

Stage 2 (main stage cont.)

12:40- Piles
1:30- Minamata
2:20- Emergency Music
2:45- Mary Lou Lord
3:35- The Felix Culpa
4:25- Tides
5:15- Hell Within
6:10- Kevin Devine
7:10- The Number 12 Looks Like You
8:10- A Loss Of Words
9:15- The City On Film (bob nanna of braid/hey Mercedes)
11:00- Steel Train

Laser Tag Stage

12:00- Dying For It
12:40- The Lezuline Midnight
1:20- Bloodletter
2:00- Trinity Test
2:40- Pretty Faces
3:20- The Hound
4:00- As Long As We’re All Living We’re All Dying
4:40- Manx
5:20- The Heuristic
6:00- Prottokol
6:50- Francine
7:40- Akela
8:30- Death To Tyrants
9:20- Open (excepting attempts to get on this slot, must hold on as headliner)
10:30 - The Chinese Stars

toggletoggle post by blue  at Jul 6,2005 12:36am
pretty damn sure ill be making it out to this show, although i tried to get us on....

toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Jul 6,2005 12:42am
set up and play outside!

toggletoggle post by DEATH2ALL  at Jul 6,2005 12:44am
What's the venue?

toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Jul 6,2005 2:33am

I'm wicked psyched about playing in the laser tag arena.

toggletoggle post by whiskey_weed_and_women  at Jul 6,2005 3:22am
damn a show somewhere, and were not on it. this will not do ! Ha

toggletoggle post by DaveFromTheGrave  at Jul 6,2005 3:48am
when I was little my mom would feed me mashed potatoes and call them smashed potatoes

toggletoggle post by mattfromtas at Jul 6,2005 3:56am
The Auburn System could fill in that slot if its still available.

toggletoggle post by Chappman at Jul 6,2005 12:15pm
You get Perpetual Winter to play this show.

toggletoggle post by DEATH2ALL  at Jul 6,2005 3:27pm
Roller Kingdom. Haha.

toggletoggle post by mOe_rk in fucking Jersey at Jul 6,2005 6:21pm
why arent we on this show...

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Jul 6,2005 6:26pm
ha, hell within doesn't fit on that show. actually, i haven't heard of most of those bands, so for all i know, there's plenty of nucore on there that i don't know about, but they certainly don't fit with the bands i have heard of on it.

toggletoggle post by the reverend @ universal studios at Jul 6,2005 6:49pm
I know one band on the mainstage...
3 one the third
And basically the whole laser stage

toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Jul 6,2005 9:39pm
I saw hell within at metal fest and I wasn't really into it at all..

anyway, this is a pretty diverse bill and I'm looking forward to a number of the bands. Sparrows are really cool, They and The Children are cool, Darkbuster should be fun, obviously I like tides. The laser "stage" is pretty much all my friends, and I recommend checking out most of those bands..

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 7,2005 4:16am
If I got to this, I wouldn't get there until after 4pm.

toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Jul 9,2005 1:17pm

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 12,2005 10:11am
damn it... ozzfest is the next day too.
I'm going to try to get to this for 3-ish... except I really really would like to get there for 2:45 and shoot mary lou lord. I haven't seen her in concert since 98-ish when she played my radio station.

toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Jul 12,2005 11:57am
keep in mind things MIGHT run ahead of schedule. I think one of the earlier bands dropped off the laser tag stage already..

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 12,2005 12:03pm
I just myspace the kid doing it asking about guestlist/photopass.

if I miss mary lou lord, I will blame you.

toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Jul 12,2005 1:24pm

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 14,2005 8:06am
I guess I'll show up sometime between 2 and 3.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 14,2005 11:51am
this show is creeping up slowly...

toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Jul 14,2005 12:00pm
I'm headin over pretty soon. We're gonna BBQ some food in the parking lot with the hound upon arrival!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 14,2005 1:49pm
I'm off in a few minutes.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 15,2005 1:22am
pictures are uploading

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 15,2005 1:26am edited Jul 15,2005 1:31am
main stage:
sparrows: they were a god speed you! black emperor clone down to all the instruments and samples. I really can't complain cause it's really good to hear this kind of music since I don't get out to shows like this ever. the music was very thin and sparce (like the gsybe! anntenea cd).

will brierly and the roller holsters: I didn't care for them at all. they had a horns section. I think they were going for a may-day type feel, but It came out more like dave matthews.

they and the children: they must have started right when mary lou ended or they had a really short set. I came out and caught the last 1/2 of their last song. it featured chris (who used to do shows down at UCONN) singing. They sounded a little hardcore. not nu school, not two-step, but more like bro-hardcore. sort of like intergrity, but not really the integrity sound.

on the surface: hm... I'm sure this band would do great playing bars in a college town. I mean, they had everything, covers (I saw the signs), a harmonica, a girl, and a freaking tamborine! when I first saw them setting up, I figured that they would be just like prottokol or at least a band that prottokol could play a show with. maybe a little faint? synth-pop? nope, I got none of that. it was sort of like no-doubt, I guess.

read yellow: their set was really good. mostly cause they had a ton of people up on the stage bumping and grinding. also the singer had a lot more room to f around on stage. he ended up in the crowd singing and then crawling under the stage (re: bear vs. shark or the chariot).

superspecs, the: you see a name like that and immediately you should know what you are in for. it was ska with some raise-aginst-esque singing. there were some harder parts, but I don't really like ska. the whole front of the crowd was.. er.. the whole crowd was basically in the front and were all under-aged girls, but hey, atleast they were dancing and enjoying the music, but I'm just not down with it.

therefore i am: I've seen then before and my feeling as the same. they sounded good and it's not something that I would regularly listen to, but they have an edge that I like. there was a pretty large crowd around for them too. I like how they go off at the end of their set too. listening to the drummer on that track is the best idea. very loud. lots of people singing, etc...

darkbuster: ok, I thought they were a cover band or something. for some reason, I knew just about every song that they did. I asked jonah, but I guess they's just been around forever and I probably know all their songs from back when I used to listen to the punk show on WUNH. they are like drunk punk mixed with a little oi. it was actually interesting cause I knew so many of the songs. weird.

second main stage:
The Felix Culpa: I didn't care for them at all. it was semi-rocky, but I was sort of bored with it. the singer also played a keyboard.

mary lou lord: I had raced down to catch her, but she was late so they put her on at a later time. it's awesome to see her still rocking out after all these years. the last (and only) time I saw her was in the late 90's at WUNH's playing with knobs radio show. her voice is a little different. I would have to say, it's a bit more "joni-michelle" than before, but still the music and everything is unmistakenly her. I yelled out to play indie world, but she didn't. she did play an elliot smith song and 2 old songs though. the older songs sounded a lot more like the voice I'm used to (which always sounds like she's either about to laugh or a bout to cry).

tides: looks like they had some technical difficulties before getting going. it was weird seeing them on that stage. especially since a bunch of their fans were in the other room seeing the heurisitc. they had a nw member who was playing an effects box of some sort. They started out with a track I've heard a million times off the CD (I forget the name). it sounded awesome of course.

kevin devine: just a guy with an acustic guitar. he played sounds a kin to bright eyes and elliot smith. I would say closer to elliot and some of it trotted towards pedro the lion . they were more high and happy songs with a faster, non-sarcastic and honest tone to them. granted, my abilities to read into things like "metaphors" and "similies" is a long dead ability, from all the sarcasm and long nights looking at 1000's of lines of code... oh wait, I have a poem for you... I never do this, but here's an impromtu poem from yours truly.
$s = ~s/\\/\//g;
if (~s/[l][o][v][e]//g)
return "heart $s";
thank you.

number twelve looks like you, the: they had the biggest crowd thus far. it was pretty awesome cause people were actually dancing, piling up, and singing along. there was even a stage diver, but he do a "school-of-rock" jack black (before he "rocked") instead of the jack black at the end of the movie. not pretty, let me tell you. I was super surprised cause it looked like they had all the same members from the last time I saw them (nov 2003?). whatever the case, they sounded really good. they played 1/2 old songs and 1/2 new songs. the new CD sounds more slow/jazzy with less killer riffs. oh well, I haven't heard it yet. I guess I'll have to check it out now.

francine: I'm not exactly sure what that was or how to feel about it... there was a big crowd so I think that people liked them. I didn't get it. though I remember back in 97 when my friend made a tombstone and on it it said "indie rock

city on film, the: it was just another guy with a guiter, but this guy was bob nanna of braid/hey mercedes. it was simple and sounded a lot like the vocals from his other bands.

Steel Train: it was like a big jam.

laser-tag stage:
bloodletter: they weren't bad. sort of screamy metalcore. nothing new now-a-days, but 5 years ago, they would have been the second coming of page99-messiah. I guess they work in at the building too.

hound, the: /as long as were all living were all dying: they set up all their gear for both bands and split the set one playing and then the other. they have a split coming out together so they figured it would be cool to do a split set. well.. that and this is one of the biggest sized places that they have played (*zing*). well, right from the start, there were tons of issues with the set up and the PA cutting in and out. after getting a new guitar head, they were finally ready to go. it went over pretty well. the crowd for them was really crazy which was a good thing. for some reason "picking up george" was the sport of the event.
At the end of the set, they played two songs together. the dual drums actually sounded good. by the end, everyone who

manx: they had no mic. it was a little bit crazy in there. I think george clocked someone with his guitar.

the heurisitc: I walked in and mr. desperado was running around swinging his guitar. I ducked a bunch and made it to the front ok. I still miss the dual vocals, but their set was great. it bubbled into chaos at the end. I looked over at some point and everyone was on their backs on the floor. there was a hell of a lot of wrestling on the ground and stuff. in the end, someone went for the mic and sang the last few songs a bit.

prottokol: I must say, I had more fun at their last show. I got to play with the lights in there a lot, but whatever. they played pretty good, but it wasn't the library with them surrounded by all their friends. though I think they played a ton of covers that time.. er.. or was that the same cover over and over.

dying for it: I couldn't tell if that was the singer of fight night or not. whatever the case, the floor violently opened for them. from front to the back was just one big mosh pit. the music was hardcore.

a loss for words: I saw them before and didn't like them. emo. everyone in the audience sung along.

akela: the "self proclaimed most metal band" or somethign like that. it's always fun to see them cause their crowds act retarded. and I mean that in a retardedly good way. like people giving each other piggy back rides into a pig pile.

death to tyrants: did they say they were from NH!?! live free or die my brothers. yes, they won me over with that statement, but they were one of the biggest surprises of the show. they were so good. it was very slow and spacy, clean space rock. then they busted out after 10 minutes ala mogwai, but much cleaner (like one of the acustic burn-hair projects). then they slowly transitioned into more distorted and jangly guitars/feedback.

trinity test: it's been a really long time since I saw them last. by this time of the night, peopl has started moving along to their homes so they played to not that many people. there were a few kids moshing and goofing around during their set. I was sitting in the back for the last half and I guess I missed something cause I heard "where's aaron" but I missed the blood and stuff. I must say that the vocals now sound a lot more like red chord, the. becareful since guy strained his voice doing the same thing.

chinese stars, the: it was about this time that I was think.. er.. hoping that they would show up. I'm not a big fan and I was getting wicked tired by this point. they started up and actually werent that bad. a lot of people danced and I snapped and then headed for higher ground.

toggletoggle post by jonah at Jul 15,2005 2:48am
thanks for coming dude! sorry our set was so fucking retarded .

toggletoggle post by whiskey_weed_and_women  at Jul 15,2005 3:07am
jonah said:
thanks for coming dude! sorry our set was so fucking retarded .

yeah what's up with the people behind you playing/tuning up while your set is going on.

toggletoggle post by jonah at Jul 15,2005 3:22am
we did a VS set with the Hound. so we set up all our gear at the same time and switched off songs. Only problem is pretty much all the gear shit the bed and both bands ended up sounding like balls. it was a good idea in theory but guitar heads kept going out. Also I think we used up to much power cause the PA was fading in and out..

toggletoggle post by gorgish not at me comp at Jul 15,2005 4:14am
aaron, these are the best manx/heuristic pictures you've ever taken

fucking incredible. i hope you like the cd

toggletoggle post by todayistheday at Jul 15,2005 5:05pm
damn looks like a ton of people showed up

toggletoggle post by gorgish at Jul 15,2005 5:23pm
yeah there were a alot of kids
it was awesome

toggletoggle post by Christopher_Perrotti  at Jul 15,2005 5:55pm
Just taking a look to see our pictures (They and the Children) and there are "55." I looked at the page and only the first few of our singer, Brian, are up and the other are of a different band.

Just thought you might want to know that and maybe fix it?

Either way, thanks for taking photos and running an incredible site.

toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Jul 15,2005 8:02pm
yeah there are some pretty sweet shots! aaron shot me gettin' some air, haha

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 16,2005 9:25am
ok, I fixed the therefore_i_am and they_and_the_children issue.. sort of..
and by they and the children's singer being named chris... I meant brian.

toggletoggle post by deathdunt  at Jul 19,2005 2:57am
neat little fest...pissed i missed it

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