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returntothepit >> discuss >> Local band Appreciation - the Failsafe Device by the_reverend on Dec 5,2003 10:32am
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   le Reporte - The Failsafe Device [officially approved] [views 35454]


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Start Date:unknown
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Localband Appreciation

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Nov 19, 2002 8

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Live at WUNH - wunh studios - 2002-11-19
- - 2005-07-05
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Pictures 184 pictures available -
May 30,2003 Oddfellas (Stratford, CT)
April 10,2003 the Living Room (Providence, RI)
March 29,2003 The Electric House (Middletown, CT)
November 19,2002 Live in the WUNH studios (Durham, NH)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 5,2003 10:32am
the failsafe device

what's crazier than a new-gind band with 3 singers? honestly, not much.

they started after as the sun sets (in sept 2001) and you can hear it in their sound. Chris (the drummer now with bury your dead) even sets up his snare like the old atss's drummer. They mix constantly changing time signatures and hard-grinding screams.

They were great to see live, always going all out with guitars and basses flailing around into the crowds.

and people in the crowd going crazy, taring down things and screaming along in high pitched voices.

after 1 year, they came out with a 10-song, hand packaged cd that was very excellent.
made their WUNH debut on nov 19 2002, driving 4 hours to play.

One problem with a band with 7 memebers seems to be keeping everyone together. And they have slowly filtered off to other projects (BYD/WWBW/ and other things like electronica).
Currently, they are on hiatus. Plans are to get back and do one final show or release before they are through, but I guess we'll see.
They have become a semi-institution in CT music.

toggletoggle post by XmikeX at Dec 5,2003 12:05pm
good band. fuck that, great band.

can't wait to hear WWBW aka the NEW ROSSTROCITY

toggletoggle post by jake at Dec 5,2003 2:56pm
heh, i was just wondering where these guys went. great music, wish i coulda seen them play a show though.

toggletoggle post by The_Day_of_the_Rope  at Dec 5,2003 6:14pm
Between the Buried and Me is bettah.

toggletoggle post by grindjazzassasin at Dec 7,2003 9:53pm
failsafe will be getting back together in in next couple weeks to do more rehearsing. we al have new equipment so it should sound much better and the songs will have much more jazz elements we might have jazz sax player and trumpet player intrested in becoming member but will see how the new songs progress. I heard chris is done with bury your dead but i can't confirm it. if so expect to hear much more from the device... :0 cuase i feel we haven't released a good debut yet with good production..

toggletoggle post by indian413 at Feb 17,2004 12:12pm
i got the cd when what weapons bring war played at some polish hall in i.o. the bassest from wich goes into how his girlfriend loves it in the ass in fact she only takes it in the ass. as me and a couple friends stood stuned he offerd us cds.

the failsafe device is one of the sickest bands around, never got a chance to go out and see them but i could imagine it would be a fun time. thanks for the cd and the mental pictures =)

toggletoggle post by MYArchitect at Feb 26,2004 1:50pm
Cujo (ex failsafe) -grind, noise, dnb, death.. looking for shows... hit me up on aim: seed867


toggletoggle post by anonymous at Mar 30,2004 3:17pm
Failsafe is back. I play drums in failsafe. my names Chris. IM me and say hi, i get bored, ohh yea, and gives us a show to play on. Thanks
My screen name :ALLHELDVICTIM (

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 30,2004 3:24pm
I thought you were in europe or something...

toggletoggle post by XmikeX at Mar 30,2004 8:29pm
the failsafe device rules, the drummer is awesome, 3 singers is insane, it gives me a musical boner.

What Weapons Bring War owns it too. Ross and Roll

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Apr 6,2004 12:02pm
hey this is chris again from failsafe. i think we are playing some shows soon at the pogo club in Norwalk or something. i will put the dates up here when i get them. And if anyone can hook us up with a house show that would be awesome. Those r so much fun.

toggletoggle post by jake at Apr 6,2004 3:53pm
i think i have something for you guys on the first wednesday in august at the kingston VFW (in mass.) if you're willing to play. ill keep you posted on the details.

toggletoggle post by arsonick   at Apr 6,2004 9:26pm
one of the singers left, and then when tehy played a whopping 2 minute set two fridays ago when my band was butt raped they only had dennis on vocals. wtf, i gotta see more of this! milford's only! ct needs some more tech or grind, or good bands at that.

toggletoggle post by XmikeX at Apr 6,2004 9:50pm
jake said:
i think i have something for you guys on the first wednesday in august at the kingston VFW (in mass.) if you're willing to play. ill keep you posted on the details.

keep ME posted. you sonofabitch

failsafe rules

"defective gay crib"

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Apr 9,2004 12:28pm
ok well, e mail me at to give me the details on that August show so i can tell the rest of the band mates. thank you!


toggletoggle post by anonymous at Apr 16,2004 1:46am
ya mouth bitches.

toggletoggle post by indian413 at Jun 8,2004 7:18am
play some springfield shows bitches! <3

toggletoggle post by GrindjazzAssasin at Jun 19,2004 5:28pm
TFSD would love to play springfield hook us up

A: any saxophone players out there that would like to jam with us and

B: Guitarsts any more out there that can play technical stuff as well as jazz stuff that would like to jam with us

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