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returntothepit >> discuss >> CHECK OUT MY BAND V IT UNLESS IT IS TOO HEAVY FOR YOU by V ROCKS on Sep 9,2013 11:16am
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toggletoggle post by V ROCKS at Sep 9,2013 11:16am
This coven is now the machine, the entity it was always meant to be. It is Dark, Defined, Heavy, and will invoke your darkest thoughts and desires.

We are simply called called... V, we were created to entice all the intrigue, magic, fire, desire, and excitement from within the darkest corners of your soul. Born from our greatest influences and desires, V was created to embrace what we love to do, be who we were destined to be, put forth music that moves us, and to give you all that you deserve from a great band.

Heavy groove oriented and fronted by a female siren with clean, melodic, aggressive vocal power. This combined with our image,... V definitely does not disappoint. We are a band that truly believes in having what seems to be a long forgotten important ingredient, "the whole package" and unity.

Become a Vtopian, join us on this journey we have set forth on, follow us, be with us, and we shall be a part of you as well.

V is the much needed punch in the gut the rock and roll world has needed for a long time.

toggletoggle post by INQUISITOR at Sep 9,2013 11:35am
is this serious or troll? and why is everyone's name nikki except the broad?

toggletoggle post by INQUISITOR at Sep 9,2013 11:39am
also, kiss tributes only work with everyone or no one in makeup.

toggletoggle post by largefreakatzero at Sep 9,2013 11:42am
Didn't we already make fun of this band? Old nu-metal news.

toggletoggle post by boblovesmusic   at Sep 9,2013 12:01pm
I tried to add them to the metal archives cus I'm a nerd like that but they were rejected.

Joking aside, the girl who fronts them now is cool.

toggletoggle post by nekronaut  at Sep 9,2013 2:40pm
Yeah, I made a post about this a while back.. you fail.

toggletoggle post by Something Something Obscure at Sep 9,2013 2:55pm
Not appearing in the next Codex Obscurum.

toggletoggle post by grilled_dickcheese_sandwich  at Sep 9,2013 3:51pm
The picture says it all. Band looks horrible. Do not want.

toggletoggle post by DYAi6 is an acronym for DESTROYYOUALOTINJUNE at Sep 9,2013 4:14pm
Band is already source of epic /r/-larity, will bump real thread shortly.

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