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returntothepit >> discuss >> Rosetta announces tour to support new album, Utopioid by the_reverend on Aug 9,2017 10:07am
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Aug 9,2017 10:07am
August 8, 2017 – Los Angeles, CA – Philadelphia avant-metal band Rosetta will embark on a headline North American tour this fall in support of their forthcoming, 6th studio album, Utopioid, which is due out on September 1st. The band will be supported by Tucson sludge act North. Tickets are on sale now; dates are listed below.

“We're thrilled to play shows throughout the Western US and Canada this Fall, in support of our new album Utopioid. And we're especially proud to be joined by our longtime friends in North, who we've had the pleasure to tour with several times over the years. Even beyond our brotherly kinship, they bring a level of inspired creativity to the stage night after night. For our part, we're crafting a setlist pulling from the new album as well as many of our past releases, and look forward to connecting with old and new friends along the way. Can't wait to see you out there.” - Rosetta

On their 6th studio album, Utopioid, Rosetta has unshackled themselves from past restraints and are further exploring their sound, pushing their music beyond the confines of what’s expected. The highly-anticipated album is a crushing hour long, intense journey that takes fans through a dynamic range of emotions while soaring to new creative heights.

"Composing Utopioid, we were wholly devoted to realizing the concept, disciplining ourselves to let the narrative shape all parts of the album -- not just the lyrics, but everything down to the subtle ways rhythm or effects could alter the mood. We quickly let go of the imperative to write for live performance; although we will play many of these songs live, we felt freedom to explore the furthest reaches of our skills and imaginations." - Eric Jernigan, guitar/vocals

"It's the first album we've made where every single element, top to bottom, was created collaboratively -- each of us has more of ourselves invested in this record than ever before." - Matt Weed, guitar

Utopioid was engineered and mixed by Francisco Botero with assistance from Alexis Berthelot at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY, July-August 2017. The record was produced by Botero and Rosetta, mastered by Carl Saff with artwork by Jordan Butcher for Studio Workhorse.

Fans can purchase the digital record exclusively at BandCamp on September 1st. Studio updates, album art, track listing and tour dates are found below.

Studio Update #1 -
Studio Update #2 -
Studio Update #3 -

(Download Hi-Res Album Artwork Here)

Utopioid Track List:
1. Amnion
2. Intrapartum
3. Neophyte Visionary
4. King Ivory Tower
5. 54543
6. Détente
7. Hypnagogic
8. Qohelet
9. Intramortem

Rosetta Tour Dates:
10/05/2017 Scottsdale AZ - Rogue
10/06/2017 San Diego CA - Soda Bar
10/07/2017 Los Angeles CA - Five Star
10/09/2017 San Francisco CA - Brick and Mortar
10/10/2017 Sacramento CA - Blue Lamp
10/11/2017 Portland OR - Ash St Saloon
10/12/2017 Seattle WA - TBA
10/13/2017 Vancouver BC - Pub 340 -
10/16/2017 Edmonton AB - Brixx -
10/17/2017 Calgary AB - The Palomino
10/18/2017 Saskatoon SK - Amigos
10/19/2017 Regina SK - TBA
10/20/2017 Montana - TBA
10/21/2017 Boise ID - Shredder
10/22/2017 Salt Lake City UT - Metro Music Hall
10/23/2017 Denver CO - Globe Hall
10/24/2017 Lawrence KS - Replay Lounge -Tickets Available at Door
10/25/2017 Ft Worth TX - Lolas
10/26/2017 Austin TX - Lost Well - Tickets Available at Door
10/27/2017 Houston TX - Green Room
10/28/2017 El Paso TX - Lowbrow Palace
10/29/2017 Albuquerque NM - Sister
10/30/2017 Tucson AZ - Flycatcher
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