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returntothepit >> discuss >> Davey Muise (vanna) solo project in Manchester tonight by the_reverend on Feb 17,2019 5:57pm
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Feb 17, 2019 Bungalow Bar And Grill (Manchester, NH)
davey_muise - 2019-02-17
Davey Muise(99)
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dillinger - 2019-02-17
flash animated slider show
fox_vibes - 2019-02-17
Fox Vibes(66)
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in_good_nature - 2019-02-17
In Good Nature(70)
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michael_barr - 2019-02-17
Michael Barr(59)
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nighttime_in_kansas - 2019-02-17
Nighttime In Kansas(69)
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northern_life - 2019-02-17
Northern Life(49)
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r_i_l_e_y - 2019-02-17
R I L E Y(95)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 17,2019 5:57pm edited Feb 17,2019 5:58pm
6:00pm - Doors
6:30 - 6:55pm Northern Life
7:05 - 7:30pm Nighttime In Kansas
7:40 - 8:05pm Fox Vibes
8:15 - 8:40pm In Good Nature
8:50 - 9:15pm Michael Barr
9:25 - 10:15pm Davey Muise
10:25 - END R I L E Y

At the bungalow

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 17,2019 8:26pm
Northern Life was cool. Reminded me of cave in like hard core.

Nighttime in Kansas were more like early 2000s indie rock. Pretty darn good.

Fox vibes are playing now. Instrumental.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 17,2019 10:31pm
A rapper came out for a couple songs. Reminded me of Mac lethal. Then Michael Barr sounded like post Malone.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 18,2019 1:25am
home. Cool show.

toggletoggle post by Nadine at Jun 10,2019 6:41am
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toggletoggle post by _grandmotherweb at Jun 10,2019 1:01pm
Vanna has always been overhyped.

I remember a show in CT or western mass where after or before their set there was a big drama about 2 of them double teaming this chick.

They almost got knocked out by locals.

toggletoggle post by kenni765 at Jun 11,2019 1:07pm
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toggletoggle post by Sara F. Hickey at Jun 17,2019 10:29am
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toggletoggle post by Paulette W. Cox at Jun 27,2019 5:55am
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