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returntothepit >> discuss >> UK court wants to exterminate trans kids by grandmotherweb on Dec 13,2020 12:42pm
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toggletoggle post by grandmotherweb at Dec 13,2020 12:42pm
'Most trans children will not regret their decision to take puberty blockers. Paediatric gender clinics in Australia and overseas recognise that children whose gender identity is stable upon entering puberty, and who have extreme distress when pubertal changes begin, will continue to be transgender. These are the very people who need puberty blockers. Yet the British court partly based their ruling on evidence that 85 per cent or more of trans youth will stop being trans once they have gone through puberty. This notion is profoundly wrong and based on very old data.

It’s not the only thing the court got wrong. It referred to gender dysphoria as a psychological condition when the World Health Organisation now accepts that being transgender is not a mental health condition. Gender diversity is not pathological. It is part of the normal human spectrum of existence. Trans kids are not disordered. [...]

The judgment lacks any compassion or acknowledgement of the level of distress that young people with gender dysphoria suffer. The judges seemed more concerned with the small possibility of regret than with the risks inherent in denying trans youth the chance to avoid permanent and devastating physical changes to their bodies.

The court did not seem to acknowledge the array of international guidelines that already exist for managing gender dysphoria in young people, all of which recommend the use of puberty blockers. Instead they have been guided by "experts" with track records of transphobia. And the voice of the young trans people who will be so deeply affected by this decision is missing.'

toggletoggle post by grandmotherweb at Dec 28,2020 9:34am

'The NHS gender identity service is seeking leave to appeal against a High Court ruling that restricts children under 16 from accessing "puberty-blocking" drugs.

The NHS service says the move harms young people with gender dysphoria. Doctors and parents have told the BBC the ruling could put already vulnerable trans teens at risk. And trans young people have been giving their reaction, with one calling the ruling "honestly terrifying". [...]

A clinician who currently works within the NHS GIDS, told the BBC her patients are now being left alone to deal with distress.

"The young trans people I'm talking to now are experiencing deeply distressing mental health problems," she says. [...] The clinician wanted to remain anonymous, because of the backlash that could come as a result of her speaking out. She says: "I know of several young people who have tried to take their lives, some successfully, and that was before these legal challenges which will only slow down and block our services even more." [...]

Dr Adrian Harrop, a GP from Liverpool who has defended the right of children to begin transitioning, says trans young people have now had "the rug pulled from underneath them".

"It makes me terribly worried that there is now nothing there for those children, and nothing that can be done to help them.

"Parents are being left at a point where they're having to struggle to cope with these children who are in a real state of distress and anxiety. Sadly, there is a very real risk of seeing more suicides," he adds.

In a letter seen exclusively by the BBC, GenderGP - one of the only private healthcare providers for transgender people in the UK - calls on NHS England's Medical Director for Specialist Services, James Palmer, to take urgent action.

The letter asks him to provide "interim solutions to prevent harm". It adds: "The mental health implications of this cannot be underestimated, and the risk of self-harm and suicide must be acknowledged."'

toggletoggle post by SmEnGAyF at Feb 9,2021 11:44pm

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