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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1091 playlist up with 46749 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-10-08Rise Of The Northstar06_Step By StepThe Legaci Of ShiSharpTone Records
2. 2018-10-08Rise & FallTo the BottomOur Circle Is ViciousDeathwish Records
3. 2018-10-08RiseThe Fallacy of Retrospective DeterminismSignal to NoiseFerret Music
4. 2018-10-01PUTRISECTRealm Of MalevolenceCascading InfernoBlood Harvest Records
5. 2017-10-02Rise & FallHarm's WayOur Circle Is ViciousDeathwish Records
6. 2016-10-31From Ashes RiseAnd We're Stilling WaitingDiscography
7. 2016-03-21PutrisectBlasphemous ReprisalFinal State of ExistenceEdged Circle Productions
8. 2014-11-24Rise Of The NorthstarThe New PathWelcomenuclearblast
9. 2014-01-13Fallen AriseUnder The Bliss Of The SunEtherealNoiseheadrecords
10. 2013-11-04The RiseConstructive Critisim For A Predetermined Body TypeSignal To Noise
11. 2012-11-12Rise and FallDead WeightFaithdeathwishinc
12. 2012-10-22Rise and FallBurning At Both EndsFaithdeathwishinc
13. 2010-07-12Rise and FallHarm's WayOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
14. 2010-03-15Rise and FallHarm's WayOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
15. 2010-01-04Rise and FallIn CirlcesOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
16. 2009-12-21Rise and FallIn CirlcesOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
17. 2009-12-14Rise and FallTo The BottomOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
18. 2009-12-07Rise and FallBuilt On GravesOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
19. 2009-11-30Rise and FallSoul SlayersOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
20. 2009-11-23Rise and FallStillbornOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
21. 2009-11-09Rise and FallHet Oog Van De StormOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
22. 2009-10-26Rise and FallHarm's WayOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
23. 2009-04-13Arise and RuinThis is Warthe Final Dawnvictory
24. 2009-03-16Arise and RuinIn DeathNight Storms Hailfirevictory
25. 2009-03-09Arise and RuinBring the RainNight Storms Hailfirevictory
26. 2009-03-02Arise and RuinDoom SentenceNight Storms Hailfirevictory
27. 2008-09-08Arise and Ruinthe Final Dawnthe Final Dawnvictory
28. 2008-02-18Arise and Ruinto the Grindthe Final Dawnvictory
29. 2008-02-04Arise and RuinIn Lifethe Final Dawnvictory
30. 2008-01-07Rise to AddictionThis RideA new Shade of Black for the Soulmausoleum
31. 2007-12-03Arise and Ruinthe Final Dawnthe Final Dawnvictory
32. 2006-12-04rise and fallwhere ghosts roam
33. 2005-10-24the risethe fallacy of retrospective determination
34. 2003-12-29from ashes risethe noise
35. 2003-12-22from ashes riseon the fray
36. 2003-12-15from ashes risenightmares
37. 2003-12-01from ashes risethe final goodbye
38. 2003-11-24from ashes risehell in the darkness
39. 2003-10-05from ashes risehell in the darkness
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